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The New Energies on Earth

The following are some of the insights I learned from a channeled message with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael by Kelly Kolodney.

This is an exciting and also challenging time on Earth and we signed up to be here during the transition. We are at the end of a cycle or Age on Earth -and at the beginning of a new one. We are giving birth to a new Earth and new Age. Archangel Raphael used the analogy of a physical birth to explain the experience. In the birth canal contractions can be overwhelming and stressful. As you get closer to the birthing process, contractions become closer and closer together or intensified as you are crowning in the higher dimensions -moving through the crown into other realms.

It is time to align to cooperation, connection, understanding, unity, love and peace.

Archangel Raphael said they (the angelic realm) observe us experiencing the following ….Events keep coming and you start to recover from a world event or a personal event and boom another one comes. You begin to integrate that and boom another. Sometimes they come so quickly that you choose to disengage with them because you can’t keep up with them, nor do you want to. Energetically it is overwhelming. We feel the overwhelm and the contractions coming so quickly and yet we encourage you not to escape from it, to embody it.

Adopting New Programming

The program that you have installed, from a projected aspect of self is coming to completion. You are reprogramming it, rebooting it. You are putting new codes in, coding that is familiar, present and has been there but needs to be dusted off, seen, and remembered at a higher frequency that will begin to run a new program in a different dimensional experience, in a different reality that is being born. And so in many respects, there is glitching happening in the programming that you have been familiar with.

For those of you who have lived a long time, you have been very saturated, very involved and embedded and embodied a particular program. And in that program, which was very stable, and you understood things to be a certain way -is shifting and has been accelerating its change. And in that you are waking up, because you are becoming aware and conscious of the program. It doesn’t mean that the program was wrong or bad -be careful not to shun it. It simply is now outdated but it served a purpose and much came from it. In many regards, it was much easier because it didn’t allow you to have to question it or wonder so much. You were more or less just going along with the program. That was the program. Those were the rules. That is how it worked. That is what you believed. That is what was said. As so you operated in that framework.

As the program is running down, the program is dismantling itself and new coding is being put in. You are being “upbooted” to a new system. You find yourself in a territory that is unfamiliar as if you are on a bridge between worlds. And that is exactly where you are. You are now in a place between the dimensions. So those of you who are lightworkers or awakening and are attuning to higher frequencies, you are more and more conscious of the old programming dissolving. We want to remind you not to judge the old programming -not to become polarized against it or to fight against it. You are now creating something new. You are emerging from it. You are evolving from it. You are unfolding. You are awakening and expanding in relationship, in the mirrored reflection of the Universe itself, ever expanding and evolving.

You are finding yourself at the brink of this collapse. The collapse is the breaking down, the deconstruction of the programs -whether that be economic, medical, education, climate, government. All of these different systems that are a part of the old program. The collapse must occur to make room for the new. The glitches are happening and you are seeing through it -like a bleed through is happening. You are starting to get glimpses of different realities. Looking at the trueness of who you are as the projector of your reality and recognizing that you get to choose that new projection. You get to choose the ascension timeline. You get to choose the new development, the new programming, the new matrix -the new energy that you are going to be embodied in, that you are going to experience as your reality.

As you move to more of a holographic experience, you are feeling a speeding up of time -more of an observer of time, moving outside of time. When you have a bleed through it can be very disorienting. You are feeling disoriented and so these chaotic nodes are popping up everywhere and as they are popping up they are becoming overwhelming. In this deep contraction it forces you to be present. It is the intervals between the contractions where the opportunity to change occurs and the reprogramming of the matrix can occur. This is happening and there is no place to hide from it.

The climate is changing, the seasons are different, the time in which you plant is different, the budding is happening at different times. The weather is different. There is a difference in the streams, water, fish, insects, trees, and the clouds. It is affecting all forms of life, the minerals, the plants and animals are aware of the shift.

We are moving into a different way of perceiving, a different way of operating, a different way of connecting with one another, and dissolving or disconnecting from the energies or original incentives of the old program.

Therefore, anything in your energetic field that is still in alignment with that old programming, that is still plugged into it, it needs to be unplugged. You can call upon beings such as Archangel Michael who is very powerful in the uncording and unplugging of energies -whether it be a dysfunctional relationship or to the collective consciousness or to an old program in the matrix. He may come in and support you in doing that and also brings a shield of energy that holds you and protects you so that you can move through this process more easily with this frequency.


Archangel Raphael’s energy is for healing -it is physical, emotional, and spiritual and encompasses the whole of who you are -to transform and awaken parts of self to move into your highest self, your greatest self, the truest aspect of who you are.

Archangel Michael – He does the same but he brings with him tools. His tools are comforting. His wings are large. His energy is expansive. His color is cobalt blue. He is powerful and energetic. He is strong and vital. He is very masculine and he contains the energy. He comes in wielding the sword of light and saves the day. He carries a heroic energy. He is there to protect you.

The angelic realm is evolving as we are evolving. His way of supporting and loving and protecting and caring for us is also evolving as well. Before you saw him as an outside energy source that would come and keep you safe. This is also shifting. It has to shift as you move into the new paradigm.

How can we position ourselves for the highest/new timeline?

A. Recognizing where you have to change. Recognizing the repetitive and repeating patterns in your own life. Notice that the time in between the pattern itself is your opportunity to grow, your opportunity to change, your opportunity to have conscious self-awareness, your opportunity to reflect, your opportunity to own your part, your opportunity to release victimhood, your opportunity to stand in your power, your opportunity to be authentic to who you are, your opportunity to wake up to your highest self, to take full responsibility, to become and be the Creator that you are, to align to your true north, to awaken your essence, to live your soul purpose, to disconnect from fear, to move into the presence of now.

Utilize the integral time to be reflective, to grow, to expand, to heal, to forgive. Forgiveness is enormous in this. Love is enormous in this. Gratitude is enormous in this. The 3 keys to ascension are love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Example patterns. Pattern of being in one abusive relationship after another. Pattern of lack, where one gets out of debt or financial problems and repeats the pattern again. Addiction -they stop the addiction, then they are doing well and then they repeat it.

Any repeating patterns in your life are a part of your soul’s evolution, part of your contract that are beckoning you or inviting you to heal. Once they are healed, it doesn’t have to repeat again. That cycle then is able to merge back into the oneness and then something else may arise -as if they are these spirals going along a tube, the spiral you see is the repeating pattern. They are sequences of mathematical potentialities that keep presenting themselves. They repeat in the golden ratio. If you go to a specific time in which the seed was planted, before the programming in this lifetime of a wound. Until that wound is healed, that program will repeat. But you have the opportunity in between to heal. So that is where you change the timeline. When you heal it, you elevate to a higher timeline. And then another interval of a different thing to heal, then you heal that and you continue in that reflective healing process and you begin to operate at much much higher timelines because you are fully taking responsibility for the unfolding and the creation as a Creator of your human experience and through that you start to fully align with your higher self or I Am that I Am presence that is actually the one projecting that which you are experiencing.

And then what happens is that instead of delving into the in between points within the wave, you begin to ride the waves. You ride the wave of the quantum field of energy flowing and through all things. It spikes, you ride it and when it peaks and comes back down, the intervals become closer together and you can move along it and that is when you experience magic and synchronicities. You are being guided and you are conscious that you are moving toward the right timeline. When you are conscious and aware you can move through repetitive patterns quicker and quicker to other experiences -to evolve and express and bring forward the highest potential of who you are. You will see signs and synchronicities that you are going on the right path that was divinely orchestrated. That it was meant to unfold in that way. That can bring a sense of comfort.

Q. How is AA Michael’s pattern different now?

A. In the past you would ask AA Michael to put a shield or protective bubble around you to protect you from something outside of yourself. Then you felt protected and safe. But that is already a vibration that you carry and you can align with that energy. That elevates your frequency to I AM safe. I Am protected. I Am in the right place. I Am connected with the highest timeline and you are. In the past he needed to be separate from you to give you the sense of this protection, but it is already a vibration that you carry, you are simply aligning with that and then elevating to meet that on the belief that it is so.

So before there was his sword of destruction, severing that which was bad or labeled as wrong - now it is an unplugging from a frequency that is no longer in alignment with who you are. When you unplug it, instead of severing from it, you pull it into yourself and you embrace it. You bring it in and you love it. You embody it. You bring it into the fold rather than looking at it from the perspective that it is separate -as if it is bad or wrong. It is simply a part of you that is vibrating at a lower frequency. It is a different way of recognizing that it is all really you. None of it is bad or evil. It is a lower vibration that is dense and embedded from the old programming that you are unplugging from.

We are Unplugging from:

· A deep sense of competition

· Getting ahead

· Greed

· Sense of I need to take care of me at the expense of the earth and at the expense of resources, at the expense of others, at the expense of those who have less

There is nothing wrong with enjoying life, with embodying abundance, with expanding resources, sharing things and having an abundant life. That is different from taking from places. This whole way of thinking has gotten you into these deep contractions as you are passing through to the new earth.

So, it is the releasing of the old programs. It came from your philosophers, scientists and Darwin way of thinking of the survival of the fittest, where the stronger ones use the other ones who were enslaved to do the work. The worker bees provided for the stronger ones. That whole perception or way of thinking is what has created so much pain and suffering, fear and destruction on the earth.

And so the new paradigm and new program is of cooperation, community, and collaboration, of unity, of operating from love, operating from a place that I have enough, of gratitude for what I already have, of enjoying and embracing of the now, of not always looking to get more in the future or to strive for something other than what is. These energies are propelling us into the 5th Dimension -into the ascension timeline.

Archangel Michael supports you in unplugging from the old programming and matrix of fear, attachment, greed, not having enough, feeling insecure, feeling powerless or being a victim. All of these energies from the old program have to be pulled out from the root, and they need to be loved and embraced, held and seen and felt inside so they can be unfolded in the whole. Because when they are demonized and seen as separate, when they are put down as wrong, when you have a polarizing view that you are right and they are wrong. I’m a democrat or a republican and they are wrong. In your righteousness you are right back in the old program.

It is a dismantling of all of that. It is coming together in a unified way and finding where you are operating from the heart center, from inside the essence of who you are, that collaborates and cooperates together for the healing of your earth, for the healing of your resources, and the healing of the animals and mineral kingdom, the healing and loving of one another.

It is the need to have more, the greed of the old programming and the ego of the old programming at any cost so that I am safe in my corner, in my castle on the hill, that has created so much dysfunction. And it is that program that is collapsing. And as it collapses, it is pulling out from you lots of things that you are accustomed to -that you are familiar with and forcing you to find your center. Not from outside circumstances but from within. It is important to know where you are tethered to the frequency of fear and to recognize your participation with the old program without judgment.

Archangel Michael is here to disconnect you from any programming based in fear, greed, being disconnected from earth, unworthiness, shame, guilt, victim consciousness, feelings of not enough, fear of not making it, worry of death, disease and illness, loneliness, not being loved, feeling that your purpose will not be felt or seen by others.

We have help like never before from the angelic realm to guide us through this transition and the new age.

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