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Personal Reading

This is a 30-minute session where Sandra helps you access the truth that lies within you. She works with angels and guides to deliver messages that assist you on your spiritual path. You can choose between a soul coaching reading or chakra assessment and rebalancing during your session.

What is a Soul Coaching Reading?


The primary aim of a Soul Coaching reading is to create a safe space so that you can discover your own inner wisdom – the wisdom that dwells within your Soul. Sandra is a facilitator of the process and will share insights and messages to support you as guided. The goal of the session is to more deeply and truly get to know yourself and to gain clarity on a specific question that you want insight on.


This is a sacred time you are giving yourself for inner exploration and higher guidance. This is different than a therapy session that focuses on emotional healing. It is also different from other types of coaching sessions which focus on the attainment of a goal through motivation or inspiration. In a soul coaching reading, we are clearing away the inner clutter/chatter so that you can hear the messages from within. This is a way to experience your Soul and Spirit and connect to your angels and spirit guides, higher self, and intuition.

Chakra Assessment & Balancing

She can identify imbalances in the 7 main Chakras in the body (spiritual energy centers) and rebalance them. You can learn more about Chakras and the benefits of balancing and clearing them here.



These sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom based upon your preference.


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- Sandra Chaloux

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