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Sandra Chaloux 

Spiritual Art 


Spiritual Awakening &
the New Earth Higher Consciousness is calling us...

A new consciousness is dawning. We're moving into the 5th Dimension (New Earth) away from an ego-based consciousness into a heart-based consciousness. We're moving beyond the illusion of separation, fear, lack, limitation, and judgment into a paradigm of pure love, unity consciousness, acceptance, a sense of connection with all things including Source energy and endless new possibilities. On a personal level, many of us are on a journey of inner healing, growth and self-discovery. Welcome my soul family of lightworkers and starseeds who are here to help raise the vibration and consciousness on Earth and to help others as we walk each other home through our ascension. It is my intention as an intuitive and spiritual messenger to be a high vibe conduit of Universal Divine Light, Love, Wisdom, and Guidance through my blog, videos and spiritual art. It is my hope that together we can remember who we truly are and embrace, embody and express our own divine nature joyfully and freely each in our unique way.


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- Sandra Chaloux

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