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Spiritual Connection

Sandra Chaloux, spiritual healer and guide

My name is Sandra Chaloux (pronounced shaloo).  I am a spiritual healer, intuitive, empath, messenger, artist, facilitator and teacher. 

I love connecting with Conscious Creators, lightworkers, starseeds, blue rays, and other souls who have a higher calling to help humanity in raising the consciousness on planet earth. Together we are flowing into Divine Service. That is why we are here -to usher in the New Earth and heart-based, unity consciousness.

I spent 8 years in the holistic healing industry and practice energy healing in the form of chakra balancing and spiritual alchemy as needed. I have had 9 lives when it comes to my professional career.


I am now channeling inspiration and healing vibrations from the spirit realm into flow art paintings. The inspiration or intention for these paintings is to support chakra balancing, to enhance divine connection, and to bring inspiration and healing and higher vibrations through their vibrant colors from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and my Angels and Guides. May these paintings help you create or enhance your sacred space in your home or work space and raise the vibe of your space. Harmonize within and around.


The creative process goes like this- the idea first comes through as far as the theme of the painting and in some cases the Ascended Master or Archangel who is creating it or overlighting it. I am then guided to the colors that will be used and the order that they are to be used. The rest is an intuitive go with the flow process to create these stunning final creations. I have no idea what it will look like until it is complete. It is always exciting to see what colors rise to the surface when they dry. I am merely the vessel for manifesting the spirit of these into physical manifestation. An interesting aside, I have an app on my phone that allows me to do aura scans. I started noticing the healing and inspiring aura colors I have when I do aura scans in front of these paintings.

As an empath, intuitive and lightworker, I understand the emotional and core wounds associated with this life path. I am able to help others see a new perspective, work through trapped emotions and core wounds. I can help highly sensitive people to understand the gifts that they possess and how to work with those gifts to be truly empowered.


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- Sandra Chaloux

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