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Rainbow Warrior Original Painting

Rainbow Warrior Original Painting

20"x16"x .75"  Original-Limited Edition, Acrylic painting on Canvas with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


Rainbow Warriors - A Hopi prophecy.  A time where groups of peoples from all classes, colors, and creeds will begin to come together across the world to bring about positive change and spiritual awakening during a time of great upheaval and transition on planet Earth. Akin to the birthing process and the emergence of New life. The prophecy foretells that these peoples will help to bring forth a new time - a New Dawn and a new reality alongside Mother Earth for the benefit of the planet and all her inhabitants. The Hopi Elders name these tribes of people the Rainbow Warriors. 


Contemporary Art work, Divinely Inspired with Healing and Divine Light and Love Vibrations Imbued. Color therapy. Versatile and ideal for living or work spaces. Light-weight and easy to hang. No frame required. Shipping Included.


Price: $1,300. plus 6% sales tax, shipping included in the U.S. and Canada.


    Excluding Sales Tax
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