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2024 -Spiritual Insights for the Year Ahead, Council of Light Message

Updated: Jan 22

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Hello Beloved. We’re Here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is 2024 -the year ahead.


This is the year for going inward for sanctuary, for emotional processing and healing, for loving and accepting all aspects of yourself, for loving and embracing the inner child.


Those who always look outside of themselves for answers and validation will be on a bumpy ride, an uncomfortable ride, as much of what has been suppressed and repressed is coming up to the surface personally and collectively so it can be seen, transformed, and released.


Allow every triggering event or experience to be embraced as a gift for you to see what is still unhealed within you. It is an opportunity to acknowledge an aspect of yourself that you have been unwilling to look at and accept before. But what you resist persists until you are willing to face it, embrace it, and love it, to accept it without judgment so it can be released and integrated into the whole. You may notice more unresolved issues and wounds coming to the surface around the full moon when more Divine Light blankets the earth.


In the coming year, there will be extreme weather events as Mother Earth releases the discordant energy that she has been hosting as she continues her ascension into the 5th Dimension.


We want to remind you that you wanted to participate in this changing time and embody light and Christ consciousness while you are here in this incarnation. Despite what you have been taught here, everything you need to guide you is within you. The more divine light you can hold, the higher the vibration and consciousness you will have and the better your experience will be. You may observe chaos in the outer world and realize on a higher level that this was needed for the old dysfunctional systems and ways of operating to collapse, so new and better ones can emerge based on love, acceptance, unity, equality, harmony and peace, and a sense of connection to All That Is.


To move beyond the known, you will need to develop trust in your intuition and the wisdom of your Higher Self, and Angels and Guides who are available to support you upon request. This higher wisdom is accessed, as you practice stilling the mind and sinking into the heart -and you ask and allow the messages and insights to emerge, inspire and guide you. You are never alone.


To expand your consciousness, you will be guided to try new things, accept new ideas, and move beyond your comfort zone. Even if this is trying a new meal, trying a new route somewhere, listening to new and different music or programs, reading new books. You are energy and your energy is meant to move, grow, and expand -not to stagnate.


You are powerful creators of your experience. It is time to stand in your own power and no longer hand it over to others. When you take responsibility for yourself, you have the power to change your experience. You have the opportunity to embrace your sovereignty, to embody your Higher Self and experience heaven on earth - despite what others are choosing and experiencing. You can be the living example for others about what is possible.


We are excited for your journey. We love you beyond measure! Until Next Time, Namaste.


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