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Chakra Balancing Q & A

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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Q. What are Chakras?

A. There are the 7 main spiritual energy centers throughout our human body which extend along the spine from the Crown of the head to the tailbone of the spine and extend beyond the physical body in all directions. Each of the energy centers pertain to specific aspects of our human body, experience, growth and development. The chakras are the primary way in which we connect with ourselves, with others, with energies in nature, the planet, the environment, and all of the things around you. Each chakra represents a particular life theme:

1. Root chakra : grounding and security

2. Navel chakra : relations, emotions and sexuality

3. Solar plexus : personal boundaries, willpower and manifestation

4. Heart chakra: love, universal and personal

5. Throat chakra: communication, self-expression

6. Third eye: intuition and clairvoyance

7. Crown chakra: knowledge and wisdom

When any of the chakras are out of balance, we can feel disconnected, unstable emotionally, unsafe, lack mental clarity and direction, have difficulty giving and receiving love, be blocked creatively, feel ungrounded, have physical ailments and illness, anxiety, and mental health imbalances to name a few common manifestations of imbalances.

Q. Why is it important to balance your Chakras?

A. Balancing chakras helps you to balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It helps you to feel more connected to and aligned with your true authentic self, your Higher Self, Soul, the Divine, others, and nature. It helps you to discern your own energy from other people’s energy. It enhances your intuitive abilities and raises your consciousness. Chakras that are balanced help you to move beyond the basic 5 senses. Angels and spirit guides communicate with us through our chakras and can bring healing frequencies through them when we request that and are open to receive that.

Q. What causes Chakras to become imbalanced?

A. Chakras get imbalanced when we are exposed to or are thinking discordant thoughts and energy such as limiting beliefs, traumas, fears and doubts, busy minds, unhealthy relationships, lack of self-love and self-care, unhealthy diets, addictions, being too externally focused, too much consumption of mass media or social media, not enough alone time or down time to recharge, tune in and reflect.

Q. What does Chakra Balancing Do?

A. Chakra balancing helps you to navigate through life and soul lessons with ease and grace.

Helps you to feel safe, secure, supported, stable, grounded, connected, confident, peaceful, present, divinely guided, harmonious, in your natural flow and rhythm, more aware and conscious, able to express yourself honestly and opening, more heart-centered, to be more loving, and to be able to discern external energies that are not good for you. Helps you to reach your full potential and achieve self-mastery and spiritual maturity. Helps you to transcend unhealthy patterns and loops you have been stuck in. Helps you to balance your physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.

Q. How can I rebalance my chakras?

A. First become aware of each chakra and their characteristics and assess which ones are out of balance. I assess my chakras daily and I have noticed how much I have grown spiritually and personally since I started doing this. I also began channeling messages from the Council of Light and receive daily messages from Angels and Spirit guides.

Chakra balancing can be done through meditation, yoga, invoking in Divine assistance, and Divine Love and Light to balance a chakra, inner child work, reiki. You can find meditations on YouTube for balancing specific chakras, bring in the colors and foods associated with the chakras that need balancing, reconnect with the body with massage and bathes, exercise/movement/dance, affirmations, psychotherapy, deep relaxation, creating visual art, chanting, and other forms of self-expression.

I offer chakra assessments and balancing remotely and you can schedule a chakra assessment and balancing session here.

Q. How do you practice Chakra balancing?

A. I work with a pendulum and intuition to assess which chakras are out of balance. I use meditation and invoke in Divine assistance and sometimes the violet flame to release negative energies and to balance the chakras. I bring in colors in my clothing and foods that support a particular chakra, candles for specific chakras, essential oils and crystals, and movement/yoga positions.

Q. What happens when all 7 Chakras are balanced?

  • You feel connected to yourself, the Divine, and everything around you.

  • You feel peaceful, confident, safe, secure, stable, healthy, abundant, blessed, gratitude, able to express yourself freely.

  • You raise your vibration and consciousness.

  • You become aware of unhealthy relationship patterns that you may not have been conscious of before.

  • You operate from the heart not from the ego mind most of the time.

  • You feel the presence of unconditional love and light in you and around you.

  • You love yourself and feel complete and whole in yourself.

  • You are able to receive Divine messages and guidance from the spirit realm that are loving, supportive

  • You are in healthy, loving and supportive relationships.

  • You are energetically grounded

  • You are comfortable in your body and your skin

  • You experience Vitality

  • You are Able to relax and be still

  • You are creative

  • Balanced emotions

  • Capable of pleasure

  • Sexually balanced

  • Comfortable with intimacy

  • Balanced emotions

  • Ability to feel deeply

  • Embrace change

  • Good self-esteem

  • Playful

  • Appropriate self-discipline

  • Have a Sense of your personal power and don’t give it away to others

  • Able to meet challenges

  • Responsible/Reliable

  • Compassionate

  • Loving

  • Empathic

  • Good immune system

  • Live creatively

  • Good listener

  • Good sense of timing and rhythm

  • Intuitive

  • Perceptive

  • Imaginative

  • Able to visualize and think symbolically.

  • Able to access and remember dreams

  • Strong spiritual connection

  • Intelligent, thoughtful, curious, open-minded

  • Ability to question

  • Operating on one’s own information

  • Ability to perceive, analyze, and assimilate information

  • Able to balance and embody healthy yin and yang energy

For more information on the chakras, check out this article that highlights the specific 7 chakras and common imbalances associated with each -as well as some insights from Mother Mary and St Germain about the chakras.


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