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Introduction to the Chakras -Your 7 Main Energy Centers

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

There are a number of articles and sources available on the web about the Chakras but I always like to check in with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm to learn what they want to share about the significance of the Chakras from the higher perspective in this new age.

Saint Germain said that the 7 main chakras are the energy centers that affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Ascended masters, angels and spirit guides communicate with us through our Chakras. When someone is channeling an Ascended Master, the Ascended Master is going to bring through healing frequencies through the channel’s chakras for whoever they are with who are open to receive them. Limiting beliefs, traumas, fears and doubts block your chakras from flowing freely and cause you to feel out of balance and out of alignment with your Higher Self, I Am Presence, and Source.

Mother Mary states that the 7 chakras are the most prominent energy centers in your body and in your being for helping you to govern, to navigate, to enrich, and to enliven your human life.

These energy centers are the primary ways in which you connect with yourself, with others, with the energies of nature, and the planet, other people, animals, the environment, and all these things around you. Each chakra (energy center) is located from the tailbone to the crown of your head. The chakras are inside of you from front to back and side to side and are embedded in your energy body inside of you and around you.

Each chakra is governing a particular aspect of your energy. The chakras are designed to awaken you to the expanded version of what is. Your chakras help you to move beyond your immediate 5 senses.

In order for you to have a more expanded experience in your life, your chakras need to resonate together. They need to vibrate together even though each chakra has its own emphasis or its own particular resonance or energy. When all the Chakras energies are working together, it helps you to find harmony, that resonance that rhythm that is you. What is your natural rhythm? What is your natural flow? How do you move best throughout your life?

When balanced, unified and flowing freely, the 7 main Chakras help you to feel like I’m in the best place at the best time for my needs in this moment. And I am expressing myself in the best way that I know how in this moment. It can help you to recognize those energies in the world that are right for you and help you to steer clear from those energies that are not right for you. Not because that person or situation is wrong in and of themselves, it just may not be right for you.

So it is not about judgment, it is about discernment. Discernment is the ability to recognize that which is in harmony with you and how you can be in better harmony with life, with the people around you. Your Chakras are going to play an important role in your evolution from one age to the next. As the energetics of the planet evolves, you have to evolve with those energies. In order for you all to continue to grow in happiness and serenity and intimacy and satisfaction with your lives, you need to flow with the energetic changes and your chakras are going to play a very important role in that. You have to work with your Chakras -otherwise you won’t evolve energetically.

If you don’t work with the chakras, they are still there but are sort of dull, closed off, maybe even cluttered. That clutter can create some imbalance and can skew the way you experience your life. To be surrounded by that clutter in your chakras has a very negative impact your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health.

It is the energetic aspect of you that needs to be tended to. When your chakras are balanced and open and radiating their power, they help you to discern the subtleties of energies to help you make decisions about what is best for you and how to express yourself in a way that supports you and ends up supporting others.

If you work with your chakras overtime, what you’ll find is that everything starts to become clearer for you. Once you are opening the chakras with love, it becomes very hard to lie to yourself, because when your chakras are so open, they are giving you expanded insight, expanded sensation into the energetics of what’s happening inside of you as you relate to the world around you. It gets harder to discount what you are feeling. This heightened awareness then spills over to self-honesty, which spills over to actions based on your needs, which spills over into your relationships in a very positive way.

Another observation that Mother Mary shares is that when you work with your Chakras on a consistent basis, your awareness is going to change. It is not going to be focused in the mind all the time, but it will be more body centered -the whole body-and the other bodies -the energetic body, the physical body, the mental body and emotional -all of it together.

You can check out Mother Mary’s teachings on the Chakras through her channel Danielle Gibbons on YouTube.

7 Chakras Overview

1. First Chakra, Root (Tailbone) – grounds your physical self to the life force of Earth and gives stability. Purpose: Creating foundation, support, stability, security, survival, physicality, trust, home, family, roots

Physical Body Parts: Legs, feet, bones, large intestine

Imbalanced Symptoms: Fearful, anxious, restless, can’t settle, spacey, flighty, anorexia, obesity (overeating), financial difficulty, hoarding, sluggish, lazy, tired. Feelings of disempowerment. Expressions of hate, resentment, and depression.

2. Second Chakra, Sacral Chakra (lower abdomen below the belly button) – power center of relationships and interactions with others

Purpose: Feelings/Emotions, Creativity, Sexual Energy, Vitality

Physical Body Parts: womb, genitals, pelvis, sacrum, appendix, bladder, hip, kidneys

Imbalanced Symptoms: lack of desire/passion, rigidity in the body, fear of change, poor social skills, addictions, excessively strong emotions, emotional dependency, obsessive detachment, disorders in the reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system, menstrual difficulties, sexual disfunctions, loss of appetite for food, sex, life, ego driven passion fueled by fear

3. Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra (stomach above the belly button) – personal power, will, strength, confidence, mastery

Purpose: Balanced Sovereignty

Physical Body Parts: mid-torso, side bodies, ribs, adrenal glands, belly, digestive organs

Imbalanced Symptoms: controlling, dominating, constantly active, weak, passive, tired, low self-esteem, giving your power away to others, poor digestion, victim mentality, chronic fatigue, temper tantrums, blaming, judgmental, too much energy, competitive, arrogant

4. Fourth Chakra, Heart Center Chakra (Heart/Lungs) – the portal to tap into the love force of the God mind and Unity consciousness. The Gateway that connects the 3 lower chakras with the 3 higher chakras and opens your heart to the divine flow of Spirit.

Purpose: Love, dissolution of ego and separateness, experience of unity

Physical Body Parts: chest, lungs, diaphragm, shoulder blades, ribs, heart, respiratory system

Imbalanced Symptoms: codependency, desperate for love, poor boundaries, demanding, critical, possessive, closed heart, fear of intimacy, judgmental, lack of empathy, loneliness, isolation, withdrawn, feeling unloved and unworthy, jealousy, envy and selfishness. Disorders of the heart, lungs, breasts and arms, circulation problems, immune system deficiency, tension between the shoulder blades or in chest.

5. Fifth Chakra, Throat Chakra (throat/thyroid) – Communication and Self-Expression

Purpose: Communication, purification, refinement, Speaking your Truth

Physical Body Parts: throat, shoulders, neck, tongue, mouth, thyroid

Imbalanced Symptoms: Talks too much, loud, scattered, shy, quiet, constricted voice, not speaking your truth, judgment, criticism of others, sense of shame and helplessness, difficulty putting feelings into words, tone deaf, fear of speaking, inability to listen, gossiping, TMJ, disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck, mouth, thyroid, shoulders, toxicity

6. Sixth Chakra, Third Eye Chakra (forehead between the eyebrows) – Inner Vision, Intuitive Mind & Insight

Purpose: Insight, guidance, clarity, wisdom, opens the door to the inner senses, balance of the right and left side of the brain (masculine and feminine)

Physical Body Parts: Eyes, forehead, pineal gland

Imbalanced Symptoms: can’t concentrate, tension, fear, bad dreams, headaches, insomnia, poor memory, difficulty visualizing, denial, polarized (only one true and right way), and vision problems.

7. Seventh Chakra, Crown Chakra (top of the head) – Pathway to the Spiritual Self and Connection to your Divine I Am Presence/Source

Purpose: Awareness, Unity with the Divine

Physical Body Parts: Head, brain, nervous system

Imbalanced Symptoms: overly intellectual, spacey, materialistic, learning difficulties, feelings of dissatisfaction, confusion, depression. Disorderly in your thoughts and actions. Living life without faith and hope. Migraines, brain tumors, amnesia, out of touch with body and feelings, rigid belief system, boredom, apathy, dissociation.

I offer personal readings and consults for chakra balance assessments and clearing on zoom or by phone. You can learn more about readings here and 1 hour consults here.


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