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Conscious Creator Collective – New Age Co-Creators

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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I’ve been receiving messages to convene the Conscious Creator Circle for a while now and as bits and pieces of it are revealed to me, I want to share more of the guidance I have received about what it is and why it is important.

In this New Age we are moving into unity consciousness. We are beginning to transcend ego-based consciousness that has been very focused on personal achievements. (I realize that people are in different stages of this ascension in consciousness.)

If you are here, you’ve been on your spiritual path for awhile and you are inspired to share your gifts and light to bring something new and positive into the world -even if you aren’t exactly sure what that is yet. You are a lightworker. You are here to raise your consciousness and the collective consciousness on earth.

We each hold a unique part of this puzzle of creating a New Earth. It is time for a collective that combines the joint efforts of many talented and trustworthy people. This is an exciting new journey opening up. I am guided to trust this exciting new adventure. Who knows what magic will come from our uniting in this collective? This is co-creation at its highest and best. This collaboration is a beautiful gift, not only for you, but for everyone involved.

Maybe you feel a calling to make a positive impact in the world, to help others awaken to their higher selves and to spread love wherever you go. You have incarnated at this time to assist in the process of spiritual awakening and evolution. You are here to be a catalyst of change, to help raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and to guide others to the path of enlightenment.

Maybe you are a gifted healer, energy worker, entrepreneur or offer a compassionate ear to those in need. Others may have the gift of teaching and spreading spiritual knowledge. Your gifts are not meant to be hidden or downplayed. They are meant to be shared with the world. You feel the call to put your wisdom and spiritual knowledge into action in a bigger way.

You may sense or have a knowing that you have a part to play in what is going on in the world. You may be feeling that it is no longer so much about your life work as a unique unit. Instead, it is actually about coming together on a global level with people who are like-minded to accomplish something together for the New Earth.

In this lifetime it is about stepping up and playing your part. For you, it is about focusing on meeting the right people and doing this with them and making sure you are acknowledging that you are part of a larger collective. You are here to change things for many people which will enable much higher energies to be grounded on Earth.

For you, it is imperative to actually acknowledge the importance of your purpose, how essential it is and necessary to combine/merge together with the right people now. You may receive support from the spirit realm but want to find your soul family on earth who will also provide support and encouragement as you grow.

Maybe you have wanted to socialize more with like-minded people so you can remind yourself that you are not alone in this process; maybe you’re doing web meetings, gatherings, certain soul and spiritual related workshops?

Part of our growth is recognizing that we need something solid and stable to support us as we become more in tune with the mystical aspects of the spirit realms. We serve as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm. It is important to be part of communities where you can share your goodness and light with others who value and appreciate you.

In the Conscious Creator Collective, we call in divine relationships to co-create more magic and more light than we could achieve alone. We also promise to be true to ourselves.

Unity means celebrating diversity while recognizing our shared humanity. It means extending love and compassion to all regardless of race, religion, or background. It means seeing the divine spark in every soul we encounter. Unity is when humanity works together for the highest good of all.

Being a lightworker is to walk the path of fearlessness, moving beyond our comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

Coming together in community, we are creating connections of Light with the Creator’s energy. Your spiritual family here on Earth is calling to you now.

You are a part of the new Consciousness emerging on Earth at this time -a consciousness of inclusion and love. You are a co-creator of this new consciousness. You matter. Your presence, thoughts and feelings make a difference to us all. Your time is now. Are you ready to step into your power and embrace your purpose? The world is waiting for us.

Imagine a world of love, kindness, compassion, and empathy. It all starts with us, with our willingness to be a beacon of light in the darkness. It might not be immediately apparent, but our actions have a profound impact on the world around us.


Embrace unity and collaboration. We are not here to compete, but to collaborate. In unity there is strength. Join us and collaborate with your fellow lightworkers. Together our impact is amplified. We celebrate the collective journey, the lives touched, and the hearts healed. This celebration and collaboration give us the fuel to continue our mission undeterred and resolute.

Remember that collaboration does not diminish our individuality. It enhances it. It allows us to learn from one another, to share our unique gifts, and to create a synergy that magnifies our impact as a lightworker. We are part of a cosmic tapestry, a grand symphony of souls working together to elevate human consciousness and to bring healing to the world.

Each lightworker has a unique instrument to play in the orchestra of Life. Your instrument is your soul essence, your purpose, and your gifts and talents. When we collaborate, it is like musicians joining forces to create a symphony of love, healing, and transformation.

The reason collaboration is so essential for lightworkers is the power of synergy. Synergy is a phenomenon where the combined efforts of a group produce greater results than the sum of the individual efforts. When we come together and collaborate, we can tap into the extraordinary power of synergy.

It is not just about the practical benefits of collaboration, it is also about the energetic and spiritual resonance that occurs when like-minded or like-hearted souls unite. When we collaborate, we create a field of high frequency energy that amplifies our intentions and accelerates our collective mission.

Think of it as a group meditation or prayer. When people come together with a shared intention. The energy that is generated becomes more potent. It is as if the Universe responds to the unified voice of love, healing, and transformation. And collaboration allows us to learn from one another and grow.

Each lightworker brings their unique experiences, insights, and perspectives to the table. When you collaborate, you have the opportunity to expand your own knowledge and understanding, and grow on your spiritual journey. Imagine being able to convene with a group of fellow lightworkers sharing your challenges and triumphs and discovering new tools and resources that can enhance your work and life. It is a powerful way to evolve and deepen your understanding of your work, and gifts and talents. But perhaps the most beautiful aspect of collaboration among lightworkers, is the sense of community and support it provides. The journey of a lightworker can sometimes be lonely and challenging. You may encounter resistance, skepticism, or doubt from those who don’t understand your mission. However, when you connect with other lightworkers, you find a tribe of kindred spirits who understand your purpose and share your passion for making a difference.

In this supportive community you can freely express your thoughts and emotions knowing that you are embraced with love and understanding. In this shared space, you can recharge your batteries, gain new insights, and find the strength to keep moving forward no matter how daunting the task may seem. It is a reminder that you are never alone on this journey. In this Collective there are others who walk besides you facing similar challenges and celebrating similar victories.

In unity there is strength. We are ready and our time is now and together we can usher in a new era of Love, Healing, and Consciousness. As systems collapse around us, we can imagine and create new ones that match this New Age higher consciousness.

If you are reading this article, it is not a coincidence. It is a Divine Calling. You have been guided here. We are being summoned forward. Do not wait for the perfect moment to begin, the perfect moment is now. You are perfect as you are with all your imperfections and uncertainties. Your spiritual family on Earth is calling out to you and together we can make a difference. Collaboration with our fellow lightworkers is essential.

Connections & Ascension

Finally, I recently took an Ascension Accelerator online course with Natalie Glasson who channels St Germain. St. Germain told us in this course that for the next few months leading up to the New Year, that there will be an Ascension Energy Wave streaming forth on Earth from the Creator related to Connections. He said that this energy wave encourages us to explore our connections in a variety of ways and to be more aware and observant about our connections. This wave of energy will allow us to recognize and create connections that serve our awareness, our Ascension, and our reality. It will help us to recognize connections that need to be dissolved -that no longer serve us. It will help us to realize relationships that need to be resolved or rebuilt. And it will help us to recognize the connections that need to be created -that have yet to be created -and may have never been created before for you or your Soul. And yet you will create them with the support of this energy wave.

He went on to point out that with connections, there are new openings. You understand how to be yourself, how to be with the Creator and your Guides, and how to be with others. You will recognize the energy between you. The energies that you are expressing and the energies that you attract and how they serve you and support you. And because of the Support energy wave that is also streaming in, everything you do and create will be focused on Support -you getting the support and fulfillment that you need and desire.

Maybe relationships and connections have been a challenge for you as you are raising your Consciousness. They have been for me as well. When St. Germain pointed that this energy wave will help us to recognize the need to create new connections, ones we have never had before, it really caught my attention. So anyway, here I am -as a meeting facilitator in my prior professional life- I am inspired to initiate and facilitate the Conscious Creator Collective to see what magic can be co-created.

If this resonates with you, I hope you will say Yes to joining us for the exciting new opportunities and collaborations that are on their way in the Conscious Creator Collective.

You can join us for our next meeting here.

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