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What I've Learned About Self-Love from the Council of Light

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Common misconceptions about Love

First lets take a look at the common misconceptions that exist about Love in general. The Council of Love said that many of us are exhausting ourselves trying to earn love and acceptance from others. But Love is not something you have to earn. It simply exists to be experienced and shared. We are all loved by God/Source and angels without conditions.

Being loving is a state of being, and when we can act and think from a place of love everything in our world reflects love back to us. Love is not contingent on any one person or condition. Love is the universal fabric that holds everything together.

Why is it so important to prioritize Self-Love?

Self-Love is the foundation of our Spiritual Journey and Self Mastery in this lifetime. Without it, it is impossible to stand in your own power or radiate your Divine light fully. Self-love is not arrogance and is not selfish. Arrogance is a form of fear. When we love and cherish ourselves first, we can offer more to others when we deem it appropriate to do so -from a higher vibration and a place of overflow.

What is Happening On a Macro Level –We are being bathed in Divine Light on planet earth right now to–

o Raise our Consciousness of what is true and real

o Help us drop illusions and limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in

o Help us recognize and remember our Divine nature and connection to all that is

o Illuminate the shadow aspects on the personal and collective level to be seen so it can be healed, released and transcended. You can’t heal something until you become aware of it.

o Bring in the New Earth frequency of Unconditional Love, Harmony, Connection & Unity

This Divine Light feels warm, embracing, fully accepting, illuminating, unconditionally loving, understanding, honoring, inspiring and empowering. (Like a nice warm bath or shower). Take a few minutes to visualize and bath in this Divine Light and Love. (The word luxuriate keeps popping in my mind.)

These are the same qualities we want to embody ourselves.

On a Micro or Personal Level

We are being given an opportunity to redefine ourselves and to expand our knowing of our true Self.

o This involves revising and updating our programming around our identity and sense of worthiness so we can accomplish our dreams, to receive abundance, loving relationships, and to reach our full potential.

o This is time to embrace the divine feminine and divine masculine qualities within each of us to fully activate our Divine Self in human form. (A Topic unto itself)

o Embracing the mantra: I Am. I Can. I Will. as your Holy Trinity to explore, express and embody your Divine Self in human form.

I Am. I Can. I Will.

I AM is the being aspect -our loving presence and energy. The I AM is the feminine aspect. You've noticed this healing presence and have experienced it before in certain people. Feel into the vastness of the two words "I Am" with nothing added on the end of it. Feel your connection to the Divine within. It is very expansive and full of possibility. We are in a human body to experience what the I AM feels like in full potential while also embracing the contrasts. (How do you know who you are until you know who you are not.)

I Can is the human potential for manifestation. It is a belief that brings you into that knowing of Self. When these two words were presented to me the first time in a channeled training with Mother Mary, I had a sudden realization that subconsciously there had been a part of me that was saying "I can't" internally and I didn't realize it until I started focusing and affirming "I Can" consciously. Awareness is the first step toward healing anything.

I Will is the doing -the masculine aspect, the intention, the action, and the momentum.

I AM. I Can. I Will.” is our Holy Trinity Affirmation.

The Divine Feminine, The Divine Masculine and The Divine Self in human form.

What is Self-Love?

Part of Self-Love is honoring and valuing your own self-discovery and personal & spiritual growth and moving beyond the need for external validation. This is challenging but liberating.

Self Love is....

o A discovery of one’s true authentic self.

o Allowing yourself ample alone time to go within and connect with your inner being

o Recognizing one’s own preferences, needs and heart’s desires

o Making your needs and soul desires a priority

o Understanding that your gifts, abilities, and calling are important

o Believing in your Self (this can be a challenge for many lightworkers because we have often been misunderstood, scapegoated, rejected or gaslit by others and our family of origin. We are not victims. It happened for us so we would learn to believe in ourself and our connection to Source no matter what. Soul lesson.)

o Vowing not to criticize yourself

o Loving your body no matter the size or condition

o Kindness and compassion toward oneself and the inner child that feels hurt, ignored, sad or angry

o Appreciating yourself and your inner child for what you have been through and what you contribute.

o Forgiveness of Self for mistakes made

o Moving beyond people pleasing behavior for validation

o Being present for yourself -giving yourself ample alone time for inner connection and comtemplation, for inner work and healing

o Embracing what is unique about you

o Loving everything about you that makes you special and different from everyone around you.

o A growing self-acceptance of even the “negative” emotions, thought patterns, beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you

o A realization that not only are you enough, but you are special and perfect just the way you are.

o Cherishing and giving love and validation to yourself

o Trusting yourself, your intuition & divine guidance

o Allowing yourself to experience joy in your unique way

o Honoring your sensitive nature and taking care of yourself and your precious energy

o Creating healthy boundaries that honor your needs and your well-being

o Feeling no need to explain or justify yourself to others

o Not abandoning yourself to fit in or accommodate others

o Recognizing, nurturing, and celebrating your uniqueness, your genius, and your gifts and talents

o Advocating for yourself and not allowing others to disrespect, gaslight, or mock you

o Releasing relationships that are dysfunctional and that don’t allow you to be who you truly are.

o Not lowering your vibration (or dimming your light) to make others more comfortable (this is something many lightworkers do unconsciously to appease the egos of others)

o Accepting all aspects of yourself and embracing your shadow aspects with love (not judgment), with compassion, and with forgiveness

o Deep love and acceptance for all of you

o Living your truth - Often the hardest thing about living your truth is knowing what it is. There is a place inside of you that always knows what is true for you and what isn’t. Sometimes it takes sincere silence and deep stillness to find that voice, but once you discover it, let go of anything in your life that isn’t authentic. Release relationships that don’t empower you and situations where you find yourself being less than honest for fear of being judged or not accepted. Miracles follow when you take the time to be genuine.

Self-love and acceptance are essential for personal growth and spiritual mastery.

Self-love is the foundation for all healthy relationships.

Self-love is a required step toward inner peace.

Getting to Peace Within

To attain this sense of peace, it is helpful to do an inventory of your beliefs to identify the ones that are holding you back from living your true authentic self and your full potential. These beliefs (most of which we adopted) must be brought to the light of your consciousness (awareness), embraced (not judged), loved and released. Love is the only thing that heals. Then the truth of you can be revealed, embodied, embraced, honored, loved, and shared as a gift with others.

Remember the Divine is within you and in all that is. You honor the Divine when you Love Yourself. When you are able to truly love and accept yourself, you can offer that to others.

Have fun exploring your divinity and divinity in its many forms. Look for the divine nature in others. Let love lead.

Here are links to the two original channeled messages from the Council of Light on Self-Love. Self Love Where to Start and first message from Council of Light on Self Love.

You can watch the video of this message on my YouTube channel here.

The light in me honors the light in you. Peace and blessings.


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