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Unity -Council Of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We’re Here-the Council of Light. We’re back. We have important messages that we want you to share to help with the collective Ascension process. Today’s topic is Unity. Unity is not the same thing as conformity. Unity is an awareness that you are all interconnected and part of the whole -dark and light in varying degrees and qualities.


On planet Earth each of you is playing a role in the Divine plan and unfoldment of the New Earth Consciousness and reality. And at the same time, you have free will choice in every moment to choose thoughts, behaviors, and actions based on love, compassion, kindness, higher truth, and connection or from fear, separation, and lack consciousness.


To embrace and embody unity consciousness, you must first embrace all aspects of yourself -shadow and light and be willing to heal the wounded parts within. These are the aspects that you have not wanted to embrace or have disowned in yourself -usually unconsciously. You will be able to recognize these aspects or qualities as the aspects and qualities in others that you have a tendency to judge or criticize. Instead of pushing them away, choose to bring love, understanding and compassion to the aspects of you that you once judged, so they can transform and alchemize into a higher form of energy.


When you do this, you will first notice inner changes such as inner peace and then your external circumstances and relationships will change as well. On the physical Earth plane, you have been steeped in fear-based and ego-based programming and the belief in separation from others, the Divine Creator, the world around you, and the Universe. This is an illusion. It is a game you agreed to play to learn from contrasts which bring about important soul lessons for your spiritual path and evolution. You are all at varying stages of remembrance -remembering who you really are as Divine beings having a human experience.


Humanity is navigating the journey of embracing personal power and sovereignty (instead of giving your power away to others, institutions, etc.). At the same time you are learning how to be true to yourself while learning how to be in harmonious relationships with others who are also at varying stages of their own personal and spiritual growth and development.


Unity consciousness invites each of you to embrace your uniqueness and true authentic self. When you do this, you are able to celebrate the uniqueness and authenticity of others as well. The 3D consciousness that you have been steeped in taught you to try to fit in and conform in order to have a sense of belonging. However, you will never truly feel like you belong until you embrace and embody who you truly are unapologetically. Many of you have rejected yourself and abandoned yourself to please others and are now learning how to be true to yourself while navigating relationships with others. Some relationships will fall away when you are true to yourself, and new relationships will emerge. Embrace the change, growth and evolution.


Your sense of peace and power exist in the present moment -in a state of acceptance of what is. It is an opportunity to recognize that there is a higher purpose for every experience and that everything is happening for you -even the challenging circumstances. And everything is temporary. It is the challenging circumstances that are what catalyzes your growth and desire to seek more divine guidance and support and to look within for the council of your inner being or Higher Self.


The key to making this connection with the Divine and your Higher Self is to slow down, take time away -to remove yourself from distractions and the hustle and bustle of life, quieting the mind, focusing on your breath (your life force energy), slowing down your breathing and then focusing on breathing in and out of the heart space – with the intention of awakening the heart. (The 3D consciousness has had you mostly in the head space.) You want to disconnect from the analytical mind and get in touch with your heart love energy. You can easily distinguish it because it is quiet and gentle and loving and never critical. Your heart energy is inspiring, light-hearted and will lead you to joy and fulfillment and to discover gifts you didn’t know you had. Heart love energy is adventurous, courageous, curious and kind. Heart love energy opens up your natural intuitive abilities and helps you to discern energies, people, and circumstances that are for your highest good and those that are not.


It takes courage to begin to follow the intuitive guidance you receive through the heart connection but the rewards will far surpass anything you have experienced thus far -or can fathom. Intuition opens you up to the wisdom of the universe and is what fuels innovation and positive change.


You are beginning to witness some of the old structures starting to crumble and fall. Do not fear. These must collapse to make way for the new and higher consciousness structures to form and manifest. Everything is energy. Energy continues to transform and evolve. Go with the flow. Resistance to change causes strain and stress. Ride the wave of light and love. Let go of struggle. Ease and grace are the way to go. Choose peace instead of whatever else is presenting itself as an option in the moment. Once you make the conscious choice for peace, new options will present themselves.

So when you become whole within yourself, it has a positive and healing effect on the whole. We are all connected and one in the Light.


We are so happy to share this message with you today. We love you beyond measure. We are the Council of Light.


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