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Alchemy - Council of Light Message

Updated: Feb 1

Hello Beloved. We’re Here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Alchemy.


Alchemy is the process of transforming an energy into a more beneficial energy. There is an aspect of purification that is involved – a releasing of the densest, heaviest aspects.


Everything is energy. Energy can manifest into physical reality. Spiritually, alchemy is a process of bringing something back to its whole and truest essence. Under pressure, the true essence and beauty is revealed. Your life journey provides the opportunity for alchemy where challenging life experiences are turned into soul gifts and lessons, wisdom, and compassion. You are an alchemist when you are able to embrace the shadow, the fear, or dark energies and transform or transmute them through acceptance back into light and an expression of divine love.


An alchemist never denies any aspects but sees beyond them and sees the divine presence that is or has been denied. This is the ability to see the truth, the light, the strength in yourself and in others despite what is being presented.


This life is a journey of forgetting who you are as divine beings of light in a physical reality and then remembering who you truly are as divine aspects of Source Energy. Alchemy is used to transmute the illusions you have acquired during your earthly journey and releasing these false layers and beliefs. As the light of your awareness and consciousness increases and healing occurs, you discover the gifts from the traumas and core wounds you’ve endured, you are able to transcend them and understand the purpose of these experiences from a higher soul evolution perspective.


You call all of your experiences to you on a soul level to learn the lessons you wanted to learn in this life. To be an alchemist, you must learn to trust the divine spark within. Trust your Divine Light to illuminate the illusions and separate the wheat from the chaff so you can release what is not essential to the whole and true authentic self. This Divine Light creates the pressure that causes you to make the changes needed to be true to yourself and your soul path.


On the other side of this transformation, is a strength, a wisdom, and inner peace that did not exist before. Ultimately these gifts and wisdom can then be shared for the greater good of all.


That is all for this transmission. We thank you. We honor you. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, Namaste. The Council of Light.


Note from Sandra: The photo I am using for this message I took inside. This was the first time I have seen this many orbs on a photo taken inside. I was inspired to see what would happen if I captured the sunlight streaming into the room. Orbs are signs from the Angelic Realm that they are present. There is an energy transmission of divine love that people can receive from looking at these orbs. Enjoy the beautiful colors.

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