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Shining Your Light - Council of Light Message for Lightworkers

Beautiful orb light around the sun
sun and orbs, blue sky, snow

Hello Beloved,


We are here with you. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Shining Your Light.


You are each light beings having a human experience to grow, learn and expand. Part of the game on earth is to learn these lessons under the veil of forgetfulness of who you truly are as a multi-dimensional divine beings of the Source/Creator/God. Each with unique aspects and gifts which are valuable to the whole.


Each of you are playing a role in the movie or game there on earth. Each role is essential. The ones who are reading or listening to this message are lightworkers. You are here to anchor light on earth in your unique way. You have spent your lifetime (until now) trying to fit into the mainstream -mostly unsuccessfully and often at great cost to yourself. There is a reason for this. You are not meant to fit into the mainstream. You came to be a light bearer and leader for the mainstream to help raise consciousness through your own spiritual growth and inner healing of trauma and core wounds.


You are here to carry the torch or be the lighthouse to lead others out of darkness which is so prevalent now in ego-consciousness (third dimension) -some call it the matrix. Many of you are hiding your light. You are so used to dimming your light so that others around you are more comfortable and won’t be irritated by your true authentic self. This is something that you have done mostly unconsciously. The time for doing this, dimming your light, and playing small is over. This is your time to shine your light. This is what you came to do to participate in raising the consciousness and create the New Earth based on love and heart-based consciousness.


You chose to play the role of the lightworker. You are an older soul and have already played with materialism and egoic pursuits. Now your soul seeks to embody your Higher Self in physical form, ascend, and activate your light body and expanded DNA.


Your life purpose is true authentic self-expression of your Higher Self or God Self. This is a process of self-discovery as you release (with love) the false ego identity you have created along with the people, things, and circumstances that do not resonate with you any longer as you grow and evolve. Your commitment is to the divine, your soul growth, and to serve the greater good as you are divinely guided to do.


If others think you are weird, so be it. Lightworkers move beyond the learned behavior of judging themselves and others, recognizing that all are equal regardless of where they are consciously resonating at any given moment.


Be kind, compassionate and gentle with yourselves as you are learning to shed layers of wounds that are stored in your physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies, and energetic/spiritual bodies from this lifetime and others. This work you do to alchemize this discordant energy helps your soul advance and ascend in consciousness and it also helps the collective to heal and transcend. We are all connected in the web of life and are part of the one Higher mind.


Be kind and compassionate with those around you who are also shedding and releasing inner wounds but may not be consciously aware of it.


It is time to find your light tribe to walk each other home to oneness with Source and your Divinity, while at the same time recognizing and respecting that each person’s soul path is unique. There is so much to be gained by connecting with other like-minded and heart-centered lightworkers. Collaboration and connection are key qualities of the new Earth consciousness.


So going forward, notice in what situations you are playing small or dimming your light and choose again. Choose to stand in your light and power and expand it outwards with no fear. Embrace when others are doing the same. Stay in your own energy. Don’t internalize the negative or manipulative reactions and behaviors of others. They have nothing to do with you.


Find the help and support you need to step into your sovereignty and embrace your true divine nature until you are able to do this for yourself.


We love you beyond measure and are here to help you remember and offer our support. Until next time. Namaste.


Note from Sandra: Notice the beautiful orbs and colors around the sun photo and the beautiful blue sky. If you haven't found your light tribe yet, I'd love for you to join me at an upcoming Conscious Creator Circle gathering. We meet on zoom. You can learn more here.


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