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Love - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We are delighted to connect with you again. Today’s topic is Love.


Divine love is not something you have to earn. It just is the fabric of all creation. Each of you is divinely loved by the Creator/Source that created you. Many of you are awakening to this truth and are adjusting how you interact in your relationship with others. How much unconditional love can you allow in? The more you can embody, the more you can share with others.


It begins with loving and honoring yourself and allowing others to do the same. It involves being comfortable in your own energy without the need for external distractions and validation. It requires you to be able to discern or distinguish the energy you are feeling and the emotions (energy in motion) that you are feeling. Is it yours or is it energy you have absorbed by being around others? If it is not yours, if it did not originate from you or your experience, let it pass, do not judge it or cling on to it. Realize that we are connected in the oneness (the loving Universe).


You are moving beyond judging things as good or bad. Everything is an experience -an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others, to grow and evolve. The things that you tend to judge as bad are the things that are the catalysts for change and for raising your consciousness (awareness) to new possibilities and ways of being.


Acceptance of what is and of others is a high form of Love. It is a recognition that you each are going through experiences to learn and grow. Mistakes are course corrections and an important part of your soul lessons. You each are doing the best you can based on the level of consciousness you have in any given moment.  Acceptance is allowing circumstances and others to have their experiences without the need to jump in and trying to fix or control the outcome. Most often the highest form of love is to hold space and to bear witness for another who is trying to process an experience and having confidence in that person to navigate through it successfully. This is how they learn, grow and evolve - by taking personal responsibility for their choices and situation. Personal responsibility is the basis for personal empowerment which enables one to make new choices and the changes necessary to create the life you/they prefer.


Jesus/Yeshua was such a powerful healer because he was able to see those he encountered as whole and complete, even when the ones he encountered presented ailments, and a sense of lack and limitation. When those he encountered experienced the divine love and confidence that Yeshua shared with them, those who could embrace this love and belief in their wholeness had miraculous healings. And so can you and those you love. Instead of focusing on the ailment or impediment, lean into the Divine light and love that is available to all of you in every moment and allow your intuition -your Higher Self, Angels and Guides to support you and light the way to higher choices in Love.


Accept and love yourself and others as you/they are in this moment and recognize that you each have divine sovereignty and the ability to learn, grow, heal and transform your circumstances if that is for your/their highest good. You never really know what is for another soul’s highest good. For example, some people who have experienced cancer have come to realize it has been an opportunity to heal other aspects of their life and soul. The diagnosis is often a wakeup call to realize what is truly important in life.


What you are all seeking is unconditional love – to be seen and known for your true authentic self and your unique gifts and characteristics. This is the love of the Divine/God/the Universe. You have come to planet Earth to experience contrasts and many of you are beginning to feel and remember the unconditional love from home-the spiritual realm-God/Creator.


This is what the spiritual awakening is all about. You have experienced the veil of forgetfulness and as more Divine light is filtering into the planet, the veil of forgetfulness is lifting, and you are beginning to see the illusions and false belief systems that you have been operating in.


The unconditional love that you can attune to and feel within in stillness and embody will then be mirrored back to you. As you attune to unconditional love, you raise your vibration/frequency and your experiences will reflect this.


You have a choice in every moment – love or fear. You know which one feels better. The little mind/ego can get in the way. You will know this is happening when you are experiencing critical inner thoughts, judgmental thoughts, when you feel the need to correct others, or you feel superior or inferior to others.


Drop out of the mind, deepen your breath, and focus on your heart and listen to the still quiet voice of Divine Love within. Allow it to guide you. You are all powerful aspects of Source Energy. You can tune into this channel at any time and disconnect from the other channels of information that are fear-based, negative and judgmental.


You get to decide what you tune into. Start to notice how you feel and interact with others after listening to the channels of information you are tuning into.  Are you in a loving state or an ego state? The new 5D consciousness that you are evolving into is a heart-based loving consciousness. With your free will, you get to choose which state you prefer.


We just wanted to remind you of what unconditional love is and the choices that are available to you. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, namaste. We are one in the light.


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