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Self-Love - Where to Start - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved,

We’re here. The Council of Light. We have another message about Self-Love to share.

Self-love is foundational to everything that you want to experience. You must love your true authentic Self to feel whole. This means loving and embracing all parts/aspects of yourself, even the aspects you don’t want to embrace. The aspects that you unconsciously project onto others like the wounded or critical one, the impatient one, guilt, anger, vulnerability, shame, and the physical ailments that you fight against, etc.

Until you love yourself fully, you are unable to truly love and accept others unconditionally. Many of the problems in your world come down to a lack of self-love. Self-love is not selfish. Self-Love enables you to offer more to others from a place of wholeness and abundance, not from lack. You cannot give to others what you do not possess yourself.

To access more self-love, you have to slow down, stop distracting yourself with things (and people) on the outside, and start focusing within. You must be willing to face uncomfortable feelings and emotions, embrace them, and love your inner child. The inner child is the younger aspect of yourself that is innocent, playful, creative, and is your true essence. The inner child has felt unseen, abandoned, criticized, misunderstood, rejected, and devalued by others. When you bring the light of your awareness to a painful emotion as an observer, it can shift, change and release. Remember you are not your thoughts.

This is the lifetime to process wounds and trapped emotions from childhood and from other lifetimes. These wounds and trapped emotions are all surfacing now to be embraced, loved and transmuted. This is why you are experiencing so much chaos, turmoil and anxiety internally and in the collective. (Take heart …Out of chaos, new creation emerges.)

Emotions are energy in motion. They are meant to move through you. The trouble occurs when you become attached to the emotion (and the thought behind it) and you judge it is bad or wrong. The judging of it is what causes the prolonged pain and suffering.

Remember you are warriors of experience not victims of suffering. Don’t be afraid to focus on your own Spirit and embrace the gifts your soul/spirit is here to share in this lifetime. Remember that your Spirit is just as important as anyone else’s.

By going within, you open yourself up to new ideas and inspiration for your life. You gain new perspectives. Your Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self & Spirit Guides are standing by and available to assist you to tap into higher wisdom about anything you are experiencing or wondering about. You just have to ask for help and open yourself up to receiving the answers.

How to Begin

Focus on your heart, slow your breath down, deepen your breath (4 count inhale, 4 count exhale), and invoke or visualize the Divine Spark within your heart. Feel that Divine light and love expand throughout your body. Imagine a gold light streaming down from above the Crown of your head flowing down through your head and then throat and down through your center through your feet and into the Earth like tree roots into the core of Mother Earth and back up through your center and up through your Crown and above in a continuous flow of energy through you from above and from the center of the Earth. Focus on your heart now.

If the thoughts/ideas that come through are loving, you are channeling from the heart and higher guidance. If the thoughts are fear-based, you are channeling your ego. Do something that makes you happy, think of a beloved pet or a memory or favorite place then try again.

Everything that you have been searching for on the outside, is found inside of you. Everything you need to thrive is already inside of you. Going in is where you develop a relationship with the Divine/Source/Your Creator and your Spirit/Soul. When you spend more time going in, you will notice yourself feeling more calm, peaceful, joyful, and loving. This occurs when you are operating from heart-based consciousness versus ego-based consciousness (which is when you are in your head -the more common mainstream approach).

Heart-based consciousness is loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving, creative, playful, light, easy, accepting, embracing, intuitive, healing, generous, and high-vibrational.

Ego-based consciousness is judgmental, critical, harsh, never satisfied, comparing, impatient, ungrateful and fear-based.

It is your choice in every moment.

So, with that, we invite you take time to go within and ask yourself -what can I accept, embrace, and love about myself today? What can I do to support myself and my Spirit today? What can I do to connect with my inner child and love and support her or him?

We shower you with our love and light from the Spirit realm. We are cheering you on. Call us in. We are happy to support, protect, and guide you. You are powerful Creators, you just forgot. Until next time, peace and blessings. Namaste.


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