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Self-Love - Channeled Message from the Council of Light

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Hello Beloved,

This is the Council of Light. Today’s topic is self-love. We are bathing you (and those reading this) in Divine light to help you to drop the illusions and limiting beliefs about yourself so that you can recognize your divinity.

As Mother Mary teaches, the mantra "I Am. I Can. I Will." Feel how that solidifies you. Attaching nothing to the end. One flows from the next. I AM is the being. You simply are your worth. Your true essence simply is. That is the feminine. Take a minute to feel your connection to Source and the openness and possibility when you embrace these two words “I Am”. Then “I Can” is the human. It brings you into that knowing of Self. “I Will” is the doing -the masculine, the momentum. Imagine the three “I AM. I Can. I Will.” as your Holy Trinity.

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine You.

Stand tall in your truth. Many are not ready to embrace the new reality. You knew that coming in. Allow all things. Remembering that everything is a neutral event. The only thing that is real is love -unconditional love. And unconditional love starts with unconditional love of self. It is a recognition that what God has made is very, very good. And you are what God has made. And so is everyone else.

There is a mass reprogramming taking place on planet earth as more Divine Light is streaming in to help raise consciousness. With this new light, the shadow on the individual and collective level can now be seen so it can be healed and transcended. The shadow must be embraced with love (not judgment), compassion, and forgiveness and then released to make way for the new.

All have the opportunity to choose Love and to release any ideas unlike unconditional love. Many are exhausting themselves trying to earn love and acceptance from others. Love is not something you have to earn. It simply exists to be experienced and shared by those who choose to experience it in its many forms. It is not contingent on any one person or condition. Love is the universal fabric that holds everything together.

Self-love is a discovery of one’s true authentic self. This includes recognition of one’s own preferences, needs and heart’s desires. Self-love and acceptance are essential for spiritual mastery. It is the foundation for all healthy relationships. When one feels complete and whole within oneself, then they have a solid foundation for relationships with others. Self-love enables you to have a calming presence for others who are often looking outside of themselves for acceptance and approval.

Self-love is recognizing, nurturing, and celebrating your uniqueness, soul essence, genius, gifts and talents and experiencing joy in a way that is unique to you. As Master Jesus teaches, the ultimate goal of a spiritual journey is peace. Self-love is a required step toward perfect peace. To attain this sense of peace, it is helpful to do an inventory of any beliefs that are holding you back from living your true authentic self and your full potential. These beliefs must be brought to the light of your consciousness (awareness), embraced (not judged), loved and released. Love is the only thing that heals. Then the truth of you can be revealed, embodied, embraced, honored, loved and shared as a gift with others.

Remember the Divine is within you and in All That Is. Have fun exploring your divinity and divinity in its many forms …and simplest forms. Look for the divine nature in others. You came to experience wonder, awe, joy, and adventure. All is well. Lighten Up! Don’t take things too seriously.

We love you beyond measure. Until next time. Namaste.

Note from Sandra: I have learned that Mother Mary, Jesus. Abraham, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Chamuel are a part of this Council of Light. I also now understand that each of us has a Council of Light with different spiritual guides, teachers, and angels depending on who is working with us on our soul’s journey.


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