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Consciousness Unveiled: Exploring the Dimensions of Reality from 3D to 5D

You are likely here because you have heard people talk about raising your consciousness, but you aren’t really sure what that means. You may have heard someone say 3rd dimension or 5th dimension and you are wondering -what do these mean and what about the 4th dimension?

I want to share what I have learned so far about the different dimensions of consciousness that currently exist on planet earth. But first, what is Consciousness? It means awareness. Each dimension of consciousness operates from a different belief system, a different perspective and different operating system, and offers different manifested realities. There are 12 dimensions of reality and Source/Creator/God (all that is) operates from the 12th dimension.

Currently, most people on planet earth are operating on either the 3rd, 4th, or 5th Dimension of consciousness and can experience all three of these dimensions in this lifetime. That is what is unique about this time in history. Sometimes people use the word “dimension” and “density” interchangeably. The lower the number of the dimension, the more dense and dark the energy is experienced and the lower the level of Consciousness. The 5th Dimension is also referred to as the New Earth or New Age of Aquarius. The 12th dimension is known as a universal Christ Consciousness. As we awaken or ascend, we are moving up the levels of Consciousness. Every soul has their own path and timeline for awakening to different levels of Consciousness.

As more light is streaming onto the planet, we have the opportunity to raise our consciousness as we become consciously aware of things that we weren’t before. In this article, I want to describe the characteristics of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions of Consciousness.

What is the 3D Dimension of Consciousness?

3D is the primary and most common level of Consciousness that has existed on earth for thousands of years (the Age of Pisces). In 3D, you are having a game of the ego-based consciousness which is based on fear and a feeling of separation from Source and everyone else. Throughout our lives we have been conditioned to accept this reality as the only truth -from the education system to societal norms. We’ve been taught how life works within the confines of 3D.

In 3D, many experience lack and scarcity and focus on survival. In this dimension of consciousness, there is a focus on duality such as right and wrong, good and bad, a sense of competition with others, and comparison of self to others in a quest to feel superior to others. It is a consciousness where souls explore power and powerlessness, perpetrator, and victim roles, often to extremes to learn soul lessons and to help others with their soul lessons.

In 3D, you set goals from the head not the heart. You believe that you are the one in control and that you can make things happen. In 3D, you are trying to do things based largely on what society or others have told you that you want. The ego says that this is what I want for my future. In 3D, you run into resistance when you say you want things to be a certain way. This happens when you have an expectation for a specific end result or outcome and your heart wants something different. In 3D, and under the veil of forgetfulness, we believe that we are our physical body. We have not connected to our Soul or Spirit yet. We perceive the world through our physical senses and are bound by time and space. We are focused on our material reality.

If you are feeling in need of protection, you are running programs of fear. 3D runs on the program of fear. If there is fear behind your words, thoughts, or actions, you are in a 3rd Dimension perspective or reality.

The ego tries to solve problems by turning your consciousness outward. Ego-based consciousness is continually looking for outside validation because it is unwilling to face the underlying fear of rejection and loneliness. This deep fear and the need for outside validation may long be hidden as the true motivation for many of your actions. Perhaps you are aware of a vague restlessness or tension within. Often a major event such as the breakup of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, or the loss of a job is the catalyst to invite you to truly examine what this tension or unrest is about.

What is the 4th Dimension?

The 4th Dimension is the Spiritual Awakening stage characterized by healing and transformation. This is the transition between ego-based and heart-based consciousness. In this dimension, you begin opening up to your Spirit. You begin to question your reality and reevaluate the beliefs you’ve held since childhood. In this dimension, you become unsatisfied by what ego-based consciousness has to offer you and you begin longing for “something else”. It feels like an inner void. Things that you used to focus on now leave you empty and uninspired. The longing is valid and genuine. It is God calling you. It is your own nature calling out to you.

This is the spiritual seeker stage. You begin to understand that there is more to life than what you have been taught and what exists in the physical realm. This is when you begin consciously connecting with your Soul.

“In 4D, you are starting to wake up to your feelings, your body, and your inner guidance or intuition, to energy, and to choice. You are starting to study and investigate and realize that there is more than meets the eye. You are curious, open, suspicious a little but want to learn, but still ego and intellect driven.” Sonia Choquette

You are becoming aware of your ties to ego-based consciousness, recognizing and releasing emotions and thoughts that go with it. This is the level of consciousness when souls focus on healing core wounds within and transforming limiting beliefs and learned programs from 3D. It is a process of releasing what no longer serves you, in order to uncover a higher truth. In 4D, you are also letting the old ego-based energies inside you die, throwing off the cocoon, and becoming your new self or True Self. This healing and transformation happen in layers and not in a linear fashion.

What is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th Dimension is also referred to as Heart-based consciousness. It is a game of Love. This level of Consciousness is based on love not fear. In this consciousness, you are motivated by love, freedom, connection, unity, and harmony. The ego no longer runs the show. In 5D, you want your Spirit to run the show. You have found a place of peace inside you. In this consciousness, you recognize or remember your connection with Source within you, your connection with the Earth, the Universe, the spirit realm, everyone, and all that is. You have transcended a sense of separation. You have gone beyond the role of victim and persecutor. The new consciousness fully releases the need to control or possess anything. You recognize yourself as a multi-dimensional Being and as Consciousness. The focus is on equality and contribution to the whole, and collaboration versus competition; recognizing that every person is a valuable part of the whole as they are. In this consciousness, one celebrates diversity and uniqueness as vital to the whole. You allow the Universe to work through you. It is a space of non-resistance.

In 5D, you frequently make contact with a silence in your heart that you know is eternal. Everything you experience is relative to this unlimited and all-embracing Being. This place of peace and silence inside you is also called Spirit. The Spirit within you is the eternal timeless part of you that is one with God that created you. It is the divine consciousness that is the foundation of your expression in space and time. In 5D, your psychic and intuitive abilities increase as you move beyond linear and logical thinking for decision-making.

The focus shifts on going inward for answers instead of seeking the answers outside of yourself. When you create from the heart, there is no expectation or attachment to an end result. You are following your intuition and the signs from the Universe. The way of the Universal plan is the way of least resistance. In 5D, there aren’t as many roadblocks and you are OK with any outcome. You trust your knowing from the heart rather than listening to the ego’s expected outcome.

This heightened state of awareness is where the ego takes the back seat, and one embraces a collective, interconnected existence. It is a space where intention and vibration play crucial roles in shaping reality. You become more attuned to your intuition to guide you with inspired action.

In 5D, we become co-creators of our experience, realizing the interconnected tapestry of life.

When you are focused on the present moment, you are in the 5D. If your mind takes you to the past, you are in a 3rd dimension perspective as you are taken to a place of fear from your egoic mind. This is the program of the ego. If you are worrying about the future, you are in a 3D perspective as you are standing in fear of what will happen in the future. In 5D, you realize that the only thing that is happening is in the now moment. This is something we know on a deeper level but are remembering now. In 5D, you realize that we are in this together.

Challenges in transitioning from 3D to 5D

Manifesting requires a different approach in 5D. In 3D, many of us have been trying hard to make something happen. That doesn’t work in 5D. In 5D, we ask our hearts and inner child what would bring us the most joy, where would we like to play?

St Germain says that many of our careers are influenced by our parents. Instead, he advises us to look inside when setting goals, not outside. Am I doing something to please someone, or am I doing this to love me? Who are you trying to make happy with your goals?

If I allow the Universe to work through me in the way it is choosing to for my highest good, and my soul’s journey, and for my most excited joy from my inner child, it will flow in a direction of least resistance.

St Germain recommends sitting back, relaxing and allowing the Universe to flow through you. Let go of the expectations of the outcome. Simply play. Visualize what you want to happen for your highest good and see where the Universe takes you. It is our attachments that cause resistance and stops the flow from the Universe.

If you are feeling resistance, stop and go within, feel it out, go on your intuition. Ask yourself, “Is this where my heart wants to flow or is this where I am trying to make something happen?” If I am trying to make something happen, doors will shut in my face.

In 5D, we are allowing instead of trying. We examine our intentions when setting goals, follow the signs, take inspired action, and then let go of resistance. We are allowing instead of expecting outcomes. We want to create what we wish in our reality that will make our heart sing. We are asking ourselves, what would make my heart sing?

To act according to your intuition requires a high level of trust. Your choices are based on what you feel is right, regardless of what other people think. It takes courage to be true to yourself and to follow your own path. To live from the heart, challenges you to trust yourself and the Universe. It is the ego’s urge to control reality that makes one restless and anxious. When you release control, you allow the magic of life to unfold. All you have to do is to tune in to your heart, intuition and divine guidance. Then take inspired action and believe that if you create from trust and surrender, you will receive everything you desire and more.

In 5D, we are anchored in the present moment -not living in the past or worrying about the future. We believe all is well and things are always working out for us.


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