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Do we pick the Ascended Masters to work with or do they pick us?

Channeled Answer from St. Germain

A. We would say there is no separation. Who do you want to play with? You choose. It is your reality, not ours. You choose it based upon where you are vibrating at. If you are vibrating in heart-centered love and you have an interest in certain subjects such as spirituality or religion, you will begin to connect with your belief system and create from there. You will create from where you are vibrating at.

When you come across different spirit guides on your journey and are drawn to them, this is you beginning to create your dance with them. It is your reality and you choose your spirit guides. You choose them but you also bring them with you. You have brought an aspect of us with you in your blueprint knowing that in your timeline, you would be connecting with us on your journey on planet earth. You put it in your blueprint before incarnating. You chose us but it is a blending of energies -an agreement of the soul. It was an agreement with our soul to hang out with your soul while you are having this experience on planet earth. There is always an agreement between 2 souls. It is always a agreement but you chose us and put it in your blueprint that you would be connecting with us. Now it is to believe that and not doubt it and to know it without a question. That is the only thing to be able to connect with us. Everyone on the planet can connect. They only have to not doubt. They have to know without a doubt.

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