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How do you know there is a mass awakening occurring right now?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Channeled Answer from St. Germain

A. It is shown in the chaos. The more chaos there is, you are seeing the polarity of what you are. When you are looking at the planet from this viewpoint and there are so many natural disasters and so many upheavals and illnesses and so many things coming to the surface. That is how you know there is an awakening. They are bringing these frequencies from past lifetimes to the surface to be transmuted. If you look back in history, there was much density, there was much prejudice in the earlier centuries but now things have changed because people are awakening. Having an awareness is what awakening means. So in the 1970’s if there was much prejudice in your school or if the teacher gave you a strap and if you look at today, teachers do not give a strap. Because people awakened to realize that it was not a good idea to harm children physically.

When we are seeing chaos it means people are waking up because-If we were asleep, everyone would just agree with it. Oh, it is OK if husbands beat their wives. It is just what happens and you just put up with it. Then people have an awareness that I don’t have to put up with it. When they resist it, it causes chaos. The more chaos and resistance on the planet, means that you are seeing the polarity of what you are. Everything on the planet has to be in equal polarity. Where there is light, there must be dark. It is coming to planet earth and experiencing the polarity of what you are. You came into the planet and you are light but you were born into dense energy. You were born into a deeper darker time and now it is becoming light. You will see the polarity of that stronger because when you are vibrating in light, the polarity in dark must show up. Where everyone is freaking out about what is going on on the planet, we are excited because it is showing how much light there is.

We are seeing the light, and the polarity of that is showing up. As the polarity shows up on the planet, those with the light transmute all the dark back to light simply with their essence. This is what a lightworker is. This is one that transmutes the dark. The more light you become from expanding, the more dark you will see in the polarity of that and it will be transmuted and then more people will expand their consciousness from that transmutation. As you transmute it within yourself and expand your consciousness that energy frequency goes out into all of the universe. And then those around you can download it and integrate it or not. It is always up to them. If they want to experience more soul expansion, they will begin to download the light and therefore the collective energy of light becomes bigger. As it becomes bigger, the polarity of that must show up in dark. It always has to be an equal balance of light and dark because you are on a planet of polarities in a third dimension reality. For every emotion, there is a polarity. For every yin, there is a yang. For every dark there is a light, up down, black -white. There is a polarity for every single thing on the planet.

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