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New Beginnings - Council of Light Message

Updated: Jan 22

sun shining in the sky

Hello Beloved. We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is New Beginnings.

This is a time to try new things, new ideas and inspiration, to explore the new frontier that is opening up for you. You have done the inner work lightworkers. You have experienced the pain and suffering so that it could be transmuted and returned to light and Divine love. You have become spiritual alchemists. You’ve done this for yourself, and you have done this to help the collective -those following behind you in their spiritual awakening.

Once you have healed from this pain and trauma, your energy is very healing to others who are in the throes of their own pain and suffering. You offer understanding, deep compassion, acceptance, light, inspiration, and divine love. From your heart center, you offer a vibration that others can download to heal and transmute the discordant energy they are experiencing - when they are ready to. You are not responsible for how other people respond to your higher vibration. For some it will be triggering, and they will reject it because they are not ready. This is not a reflection on you. Stay in your own energy and continue to drop into your heart center and with intention fill up on as much divine light and love as your body can assimilate and as often as you deem helpful. You goal is to stay grounded and centered in your own light.

We want to remind you that you are a divine being/spirit/light having a human experience. You have the creative power to attract what you desire and the ability to learn the soul lessons you came to school room earth to learn. Every challenge you face happens for you. You are learning to stand in your power and not to dim your light around others. You are learning not to feel responsible for how others act or react to you and instead you act and respond from a space of love, in a self-loving, fully expanded and unconditionally accepting way. And you are now making your soul wishes a priority.

You have released whatever and whoever no longer serves your highest good. This has been challenging for you and you have experienced grief over the loss of these things and people from the past. You now allow yourself to fully feel all of your emotions without judgment -and instead embrace them with love and acceptance so the emotions can release and move through as they convey the important information that they are there to convey. You are integrating the fragmented and previously disowned aspects of self and are beginning to feel the freshness and excitement of a new, empowering, and exciting chapter of life.

Follow your passion and curiosities for they are divinely inspired. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong. We (the Council of Light) are excited for your journey. We are here and only a thought away. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, blessings. Namaste.


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