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The Way of the Heart -Jeshua

The Pathway of Enlightenment

I have recently discovered channeled teachings from Jeshua (Jesus) which were channeled by Jayem in his book The Way of Mastery -Pathway of Enlightenment -The Way of the Heart, The Christ Mind Trilogy: Volume 1. The following is my summary of Lesson 5 in this book which has been really helpful for me to understand the process that I have been undergoing internally on my spiritual journey. You can also find the audio teachings of this lesson on The Way of Mastery YouTube channel.

Jeshua breaks down the pathway of enlightenment into 4 stages.

1. Desire -Desire is everything and without it nothing can arise. So what you desire is of utmost importance. So desire then to be in perfect union with God, to be Christ incarnate, to be all that my Creator has created me to be, to be in alignment with the Will of God.

When you master the energy of desire (mastery does not mean control), by grounding it always in the desire to be as you were created to be, then all of your of your life and subsequent desires will come to serve that grand desire.

God’s Will is for me to be genuinely happy, content, fulfilled, at peace, empowered, capable, responsible.

2. Intention - the art of remembering what I am truly here for. I am the thought of Love in form. To be a student of Love.

My intention is to use time constructively for the relearning of what it means to abide in the Kingdom of Heaven and to fulfill my function. And my function is healing. And healing requires the presence of Christ, for only Christ can express the Love that brings healing into being.

Goal: Every aspect of Self is integrated, working together, and focused on the fulfillment to the one grand desire to accept my function in this world. My function is healing my sense of separation from God.

Ask myself daily: What is it that I most desire? What am I doing on this planet? What am I committed to?

3. Allowance - (the egoic world teaches you the opposite of allowance -to strive). I am already loved by the only Source that matters. I have come for a much higher purpose that can be made manifest in the world but not of the world.

Allowance is cultivating a way of looking at events in your life as stepping stones, each presents the lessons required to heal the obstacles (not to success) but to the presence of Love as the source and ground of your being.

We begin to cultivate an acceptance of all things in our experience.

We begin to see that because we have made a commitment to awakening and incarnating only Christ, the Universe is already conspiring to bring the people and events into our lives that can best provide us with exactly what we most need to learn or become aware of. So messengers are sent. The messenger could be someone who comes as the grain of sand within the oyster that causes the friction within you that nudges you from your sleep, and you realize that you’ve been operating out of some very dysfunctional patterns and that you’ve got to get a better grip upon the Truth of who you are. It may be that you need to learn to express your feelings more. Something will bring up to you, through the messengers, that which causes you to finally be responsible and be honest about where you are.

Allowance is an awareness in which your recognize that your life is no longer your own to dictate and control, but you’ve given it over to the Source of your beingness that knows best how to bring about what is required to push up the rubbish from within your consciousness, so that you can release it.

Allowance cultivates Trust. Allowance changes your perception of the world around you. You don’t really live in a world but a field of vibrations and energies that is operated by the Law of Attraction, resonance. And you begin to be willing to allow certain things to fall out of your life, even family and friends, trusting that because of your desire and intention, what passes out of your life must be ok, for it will be replaced by new vibrational patterns which come in the form of messengers, events, place, persons, and things -that can carry you on the upward spiral of awakening.

Allowance is the beginning stage of humility and the recognition that you must finally submit to something beyond the intellect and the control of the ego part of the mind -that the maker and doer that’s been trying to do it all is finally recognized as being inadequate.

4. Surrender -there is no longer any restlessness. You know that Life is flowing through the body-mind personality. Perfect peace is the foundation. You find yourself being busier and busier and asked to do more and more. It is in God’s hands, not yours. Not my will, but Thine be done. Your consciousness becomes totally open to your union with all of Creation. The body-mind is a temporary teaching device, to be used at God’s direction, and one to be put aside when its usefulness is done. I am responsible for my experience.

Cultivate in myself the art of always being a student of Love, and not the professor of Love. Of myself, I can do nothing. Practice discipline and vigilance by remembering humility always.

If you feel that no one looks up to you, no one takes you as authority, there is only one reason. You have resisted the Truth of your being, and through denial have pushed God’s Light away out of a fear that you might appear to be different than everybody else. The world would teach you to be a doormat so that you fit in, and don’t ruffle anybody’s feathers. But as you become empowered, one way you’ll know that it’s occurring is that some people won’t like you. You’ll push their buttons just by walking into the room, for darkness abhors Light. It’s that simple.

Through the doorway of humility, the Light of Power can be turned on through you in ever greater voltages. Always giving recognition to God as Source. You never want to usurp God’s position by putting yourself upon the throne.

Prayer: God, I ask for greatness. I am ready for the fullness of Christ to be incarnate in me and I will always remember that I am not the doer and the maker. I recognize that only the Love of God can fulfill me as a soul. Only the fulfillment of my purpose to be a channel for Love can bring me the success that I truly seek.

Through these steps you never need to fear the misuse of desire. What you decree, is.

Source, Creator, God, All That Is, I am ready to be what You created me to be. I choose to remember that I am effect and not cause. Thy Will be done, knowing that Your Will is my full happiness. Reveal then, that path through which that happiness can be known. For my way has never worked, but Your way always does.

In each day, I remember the energy of appreciation. I appreciate how the power of that Source of Love, God, is living and moving and breathing to bring the people, the books, the teachers, the experiences that are gently unraveling the cocoon of ego around me, awakening me to the Truth, and the beauty, and the majesty, and the grandeur, and the greatness that Life Itself is. Life is the presence of God’s Love that wants to breathe through me magically and powerfully.

The only difference between a master and a student is that the master has mastered the art of always being a student.

Desire, Intention, allowance, surrender -what do you truly want? Are you willing to feel it and let that thread of desire carry you home?

Focus your intention by reminding yourself what you are truly here for? You are not here to survive, but to live as the Truth of who you are.

Allowance -not a passive acceptance of things as they are, but a recognition that there is something quite beautiful at work. There is an intelligence, a Love that knows you better than yourself and is presenting you, moment by moment, with jewels and gems and lessons. That something is weaving the tapestry of your life, and nothing is happening by accident.

Surrender- recognition that your happiness can be found only in the submission of your will to the Will of God. For your will has been to be in conflict, struggle, and limitation. The Father’s Will is that you live without conflict, in peace, and joy, and fulfillment, and happiness -ie. Bliss.

Humility - allow yourself to understand that you don’t know anything. In the state of divine ignorance, you will rest in a humility that finally allows your Creator to move through you and reveal to you all things.

The Way of the Heart corrects perception and brings right-mindedness, so that you are no longer the maker and the doer and the director. Your opinions will mean nothing to you. Out of a grand emptiness, you will discover a perfect peace. And through you, Life will express in ever greater dimensionality, the exquisite and infinite Lave and Power and Creativity that is God, until you swear that God is all there is.

If enlightenment is the ending of separation, how can there be a maker and doer? Let peace pervade your being at all times. Know that you are safe in the Love of God that arises from that great source of Mystery, and would move through you with every breath you breathe, and every word you speak, until you hear only that impetus of guidance that wells up from the depth of your being as a Gentle Voice that you trust completely. And you will know the freedom that you seek.

Explore the Way of the Heart and you will come to know the Truth of Love.

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