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Trust Your Light

You cannot trust your light until you know your light.” Kerry K


This is not a traditional blog article. Instead, I am sharing something short and sweet that is very thought-provoking.


I am in Kerry K’s Plasma Light Tribe. She talked about how most people have never encountered their own light. This surprised me at first.


Your light is God’s light. She went on to say that most people know their darkness, their trauma, their pain, their ego, their patterns, their shortcomings. What if you had an intimate relationship with your light?


Our bodies are a container, a vessel, and a conduit of Divine light if we choose it. Light = God Consciousness. What if we focused our attention on feeling the Divine light and presence within us and allowed it to light our path? What could heal, transform or be created if we allowed this divine presence or light to extend into our work and interactions with others? What if we invited it in and allowed it to speak to us and guide us?


Can I be present with God/Source in presence with me and not ask for anything or get into my head about it?

To get started, get into a quiet space, still your mind, drop into your heart, and ask the Divine Light/Your Angels/Higher Self/Spirit to join you and begin to observe what you feel, any images that come, or words you hear. Start the relationship. Set aside time every day for this interaction with the divine light within. Some call this meditation. It can be a walking meditation. This is time for going inward and getting to know your light. This is very different from the ego mind in that it is unconditionally loving and wants what is highest and best for you. Divine love and light is our natural state. Enjoy!


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