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Who is Saint Germain?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Saint Germain is an Ascended Master in the spirit realm who is said to have had many notable and mysterious incarnations on planet earth. Some of his lifetimes included notable figures such as prophet Samuel, Merlin, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon (the real author of the Shakespeare plays) and Count Saint-Germain (A 17th century European adventurer who was known as a great alchemist and philosopher.) He isn’t a saint in the Catholic sense, but his name means “holy brother”.

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Jesus Christ left a record in the 10th Chapter of the Book of Revelation and told us about the coming of the 7th Angel. Saint Germain is called the 7th Angel because he comes representing the seventh age and the seventh ray of the violet flame. The violet ray is the high-frequency violet color that emanates forgiveness, freedom, alchemy, transmutation, love and compassion.

This past age, the Piscean age, was the 6th two-thousand year age. And now we are entering the seventh, the Aquarian age. Each age has a master, or hierarch, who comes to show the way, and scriptures refer to them as angels. Saint Germain is the master of the Aquarian cycle, the master of freedom. He is a well-known Ascended Master and spiritual alchemist associated with the new Aquarius Age. (Most angels have not had human incarnations. Ascended Masters have had human incarnations.)

St. Germain has been a guiding light - a mystic, alchemist, scientist, philosopher, monk, prophet, and more. He has carried a message of soul liberation for tens of thousands of years, and more recently in a series of embodiments as Prophet Samuel, Roger Bacon, and Francis Bacon. His lifetimes presented difficulties and challenges just as ours do.

St. Germain was involved in the founding of the Freemasons and was reportedly instrumental in the founding of the United States. He was also known for being able to turn lead into gold and now offers the spiritual equivalent which is the violet flame of transmutation.

The violet flame transmutes fear-based energy back into love. It unlocks every door to our divine potential, frees our souls, and paves the way for an age of freedom on earth, a golden age of enlightenment. It’s the divine’s universal gift you can use in your daily life for cleansing, transmutation as well as protection. This is his invitation for us to become his fellow spiritual alchemists to ignite freedom, joy, mercy, transformation and transmutation. The violet flame is spiritual energy that helps cleanse your energetic fields as well as those you bless this energy with and helps accelerate your spiritual development. It brings physical, emotional and mental healing. It revitalizes and restores your etheric body and transmutes negative energies into positive.

The violet flame is one of the most transformational teachings he revealed to humankind. It has been used by many saints and sages. He introduced this secret knowledge in the 1930s in the “I AM” Discourses. Saint Germain dictated 33 books to Godfre Ray King and a small audience, known as the “I AM” Discourses which were spiritual texts to protect and free all individuals who made a conscious effort to correct themselves and attain mastery over all things on earth. These discourses helped to anchor students spiritually and taught the I AM affirmations for “True Inner Instruction and use of the Sacred Flame” (violet flame). The training was given over a period of 30 years.

Today, St. Germain is a powerful yet humble, wise, kind, loving, compassionate, encouraging, and light-hearted Ascended Master who works with lightworkers. Lightworkers are those who are heart-centered, spiritually oriented, who are raising their vibration and consciousness, and helping to anchor more Divine Love and Light on earth.

I was reading what Doreen Virtue wrote about Saint Germain in her book, Archangels & Ascended Masters. She describes how in her experience, “people don’t call Saint Germain –He’s the one who calls first! He seems to just show up wherever lightworkers are gathered in classes, study groups, or prayer meetings. He works with spiritual teachers to encourage their outgoing nature and leadership skills.” This has been my experience as well. (Note: Anyone with a heart-centered intention can invoke St. Germain for assistance).

Saint Germain was introduced to me during a session that I had with an intuitive who told me that he was one of my spirit guides. Then one day when I was walking, the name Merlin dropped in my head -so I bought a book on Merlin. Merlin is known for magic. Then in researching St. Germain, I learned of his connection with Merlin. After that, in a channeled session, Saint Germain told me to believe in my magic-so I always think of magic too when I think of Saint Germain.

I invite you to check out Tara Arnold who is a trance channel for Saint Germain on my YouTube channel to experience Saint Germain’s teachings now.

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