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Christ Consciousness -Channeled message - Council of Light

Hello Beloved,

We are here. The Council of Light. The topic today is Christ Consciousness. Christ consciousness is the highest level of spiritual awareness and evolution that can be attained in physical form. This is why they called Jesus -the Christ. This was long before the man-made Christian religions were established.

Jesus came onto the physical plane to be an example of and demonstrate the Divine qualities of Christ consciousness in human form. Through his physical death and resurrection, he demonstrated that there is life after the Spirit or Soul departs the physical body.

We have the opportunity to embody Christ Consciousness in this lifetime. This is what was meant by the second coming of Christ. We are the second coming of Christ if we choose that path to awaken from the illusion of separation, and commit to becoming the Ascended Masters that we were designed to be.

There are many paths to Christ Consciousness that don’t require one to be involved in a Christian religious faith to attain this level of mastery and embodiment. Our souls choose the curriculum that is most beneficial for our spiritual growth and maturity. We can foster a direct relationship with God/Source/Universe, angels and spirit guides on our journey. No middleman is required.

The era of following an individual spiritual guru has passed. Instead by going inward, now we can access Christ Mind or Higher Consciousness and move beyond the illusion of separation towards oneness and unity, discover our own individual spiritual sovereignty, unconditional love and acceptance of self and others, divine light and wisdom, equality, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and alignment with Source/God within us (and in all that is.)

We are shifting our definition of ourselves from small limited physical beings to that of empowered spiritual aspects of Source energy -spiritual beings which are more vast and multi-dimensional than the personalities that we have created to navigate the earth plane. The larger part of us is in the non-physical -our higher Godly nature, often referred to as our soul, inner being, Spirit, Higher Self, or I Am presence.

Both the Soul and the self are necessary to become a unified whole: human and divinity conjoined. As you begin to go inward for Divine Guidance, you will become more soul aware, more heart-centered, more intuitive, and love-focused trusting in Spirit to guide you forward in healing, growing, evolving and embodying your higher God nature and Christ Consciousness and serving others (the whole) in your unique way.

We love you beyond measure. Until Next Time, Namaste.


After this message came through, I felt called to go back to The Way of Knowing: The Christ Mind Trilogy: Volume III, Lesson 10 to share what Jeshua/Jesus shared about our role and his.

“I, indeed, love you always. And I participate with all minds called to awaken. I am but your brother and your friend, ever dedicated to revealing that which my Father would reveal to you through me -in just the right way, at just the right time. You are as I am. And together we transfigure (awaken) humanity. In this way, then, I was a prototype for what is to come, an expression in space and time of what all are destined to be. And yet, that destiny is just the remembrance of what they have always been, beyond the veil of illusions.”

You can find The Christ Mind Trilogy at


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