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Compassion - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We’re Here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Compassion.

Compassion begins with yourself. This includes being loving and kind toward yourself and not criticizing yourself for mistakes you’ve made or for perceived weaknesses. You are on planet earth to learn, grow, and expand and that always involves making mistakes as you navigate your path. But you can look at mistakes as stepping stones on your soul’s journey. You wanted to experience contrast in this physical realm on your path back to your true authentic Self.

Each of you are unique aspects of the Creator with unique soul paths. This has been challenging because you have been trained on earth to fit in and to do things the way others have taught you to. There comes a point on your spiritual journey where you must accept yourself as you are -both dark and light aspects. In this acceptance, the light of your conscious awareness guides you to make the changes you need to discover your true authentic self and the gifts you are uniquely here to bring and share with others.

As you learn to become compassionate toward yourself and toward your inner child who has felt rejected and abandoned for being her/his authentic self, you are able to heal yourself and share that compassion with others.

One of the lessons you wanted to learn is to move beyond judging yourself and others in this lifetime. This is the end of an age of 3D consciousness (based in fear and separation) with the ultimate goal of experiencing 5D consciousness (which is based upon love, being heart-centered, compassionate, connection, harmony and unity). Unity is not conformity. Quite the opposite. Unity is a state that celebrates differences in yourself and others as being essential to the whole.

Pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs and inner dialogue towards yourself and others and begin to observe how you criticize yourself and others. That will show you where judgment exists and where acceptance, understanding, and compassion are ready to be embraced instead.

Anything you judge calls you to that energy. Anything you place in darkness, calls you to that darkness. What you focus on expands. It is the ego that judges something as superior or inferior, good or bad, right or wrong, not the Divine Mind. You will notice that you are in your head when you are judging yourself or another -in ego-based consciousness. Heart-based consciousness embraces love, understanding, accepting what is, and compassion. Remember that each of you has your own soul path in life, so release the need for other people in your life to do things the way you do.

We, the Council of Light, are here to assist and guide you through the veil of forgetfulness upon request. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, Namaste.


Note From Sandra:

The image above is a photo of the Gemini Full Moon on November 27. The green orbs are Archangel Raphael and other light beings associated with the Green Ray of light.

Being in the holiday season and during this mass spiritual awakening, I know that many of us may be spending time with family members or others who are challenging for us as we are processing our own stuff.

I came across the following channeled message on Compassion from the Arcturian Council by Daniel Scranton that really helped me shift my perception toward the person I felt challenged by. Judgment is sneaky. Sometimes we don’t even realize when we are judging ourselves or others.

Excerpts from the Compassion message from the Arcturian Council (channeled by Daniel Scranton)

It is important to have compassion for everyone because everyone is carrying their own cross. Everyone is focusing on a challenge or multiple challenges in their lives.

When you offer compassion, you expand. What you are expanding into is your Higher Self. Know that your Higher Self has compassion towards everyone no matter what their circumstances are. You are there to become your Higher Self. Compassion is a big part of everyone’s journey.

Compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love are the ways to 5D -to your Higher Self and the way home to Source.

You can tell if you are moving in the right direction by how you feel. If you feel yourself expanding, you know that in that moment you are becoming your Higher Self. When you are not expanding or you feel yourself contracting, that is when in the moment, you are not taking the fast track to the 5th Dimension.

You can ask yourself, “Am I judging myself or that other person or that group?” If the answer is “yes”, you know you have to change your own mind to become more of who you are -which is a heart-centered being of unconditional love and infinite compassion.


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