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Peace - Council of Light Message

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Sun shining and blue sky

Hello Beloved.

We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Peace.

Many things are happening on Earth right now that are the opposite of Peace -the polarity of Peace. The wars and mass shootings show you the contrast to Peace. The conflict and suffering on the individual and collective level must come to the surface to be seen, so it can be processed and healed.

You must become aware of it (conflicts), before you can heal it and change it. What is happening in the world is evidence that there is so much unprocessed anger, rage and hatred that has been repressed in the collective subconscious. When this happens, you have fertile ground for eruptions, outbursts, violence, and war.

This is the lifetime that you came to heal the wounded parts of yourself. And when you do that, you help the collective to heal as well, because you are all an aspect of the One.

Remember that what happens outside of you is a reflection of what is going on inside of you on some level. It's time to ask oneself, in what ways am I at war with myself? Denying my good? Angry at myself for something I “should” be doing but am not. Wherever you use the word “should”, replace it with the word “could”. “Should” beliefs come from the opinions of others that you’ve adopted as true for you. But are they really true for you? The word “should” implies that something is wrong with you or the person it is directed at. This is not a very motivating or inspiring place to operate from. It creates a sense of anger, guilt, and shame which are the opposite of love, acceptance, and peace.

When you can start accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are in this moment, you are then able to understand, accept and love others exactly as they are. You are all here on Earth to learn soul lessons. You do the best you can based upon the level of awareness you have at the time, and you make mistakes along the way. Forgiveness of self and others and compassion are the stepping stones toward inner peace and eventually world peace.

You can begin by simplifying your life and allowing more stillness and serenity so that you can receive the Divine guidance that is available to you always. Begin choosing peace and compassion for yourself over conflict in every moment and soon you will notice this same peace and compassion being reflected back to you in the outer world. You always get back what you give out.

Remember that what you focus your attention on grows. You always have the choice to focus on the conflicts, wars, and mass shootings, or you can focus on the only thing that is real which is love and peace. Your lives are like movie screens being projected. You are powerful creators and have the power to rewrite your script to be a more loving and peaceful one.

Often what is required is to still the mind, to drop out of the mind and focus upon your heart space. You can do this by focusing your attention and taking long slow breaths in and out of the heart to activate your heart center. You can imagine breathing in Divine Love and Light and exhaling negative thoughts, tension, and energy. The wisdom you can access in your heart center is vast when you raise your consciousness and vibration to love, harmony, peace, joy, connection, kindness, and compassion. You are able to tap into divine guidance, wisdom, love and support through the heart center to address any challenge.

What you are witnessing is the shadow and dark ego-based energies that are resisting the global awakening to higher consciousness that is occurring now. The old paradigm of fear and separation is falling away to be replaced with love and unity consciousness. The chaos is like a last gasp and is followed by new creation. In this new dimension of Consciousness, you are coming back home to Spirit and Oneness while you are still in your physical body. This is the first time in history that this has occurred. You incarnated at this time to participate in this exciting New Age creation. You knew it would be challenging to witness the transition from the old to the new but came to help the Divine by shining your light -anchoring your light in your unique way during this critical time.

Try not to judge the souls who are playing their role to bring this contrast to collective awareness so that it can be seen, felt and healed. All are a part of a Divine plan to raise the consciousness on planet Earth.

Remember that one cannot solve conflicts with the same level of thinking that created the conflicts in the first place. Things must change energetically within before changes will appear on the outside of you. In any situation, ask yourself -what would Love do here? What changes do I need to make to be more at peace? How can I be more compassionate with myself and others? What do I need to cut out to maintain a more peaceful mind?

You also want to become the observer of your thoughts. What thoughts am I having that are causing me to feel contracted, angry, sad, shame, guilt, unworthy, or not good enough? Then question any thought that is not loving and empowering. Allow yourself to feel what comes up and let it release. Most of your negative thoughts, you have adopted from elsewhere and can be changed. Remember that you were made in the image and likeness of Source/God. You are whole, perfect and complete in the eyes of Source/Spirit.

You are being invited to wake up and remember who you are as Divine multi-dimensional beings of light. Ironically, the process of remembering who you involves a process of discovering who you are not. Your Higher Self, angels and guides are standing by to assist you on your soul path. All you have to do is ask for their help with a pure heart-centered intention.

We, the Council of Light, are also here to assist you with your Spiritual Awakening as well. You don’t need Sandra to call us in.

Finally, It is always darkest before the dawn. Hang in there. You are brave and courageous bearers of Light. We are cheering you on and love you beyond measure. Until next time, peace be with you. Namaste.


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