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Forgiveness - Channeled Message from Council of Light

Hello Beloved!

We’re here. The Council of Light. Welcome back. Today’s topic is Forgiveness. In truth there is nothing to forgive except your beliefs and expectations of how you and others ‘should” behave. Forgiveness is something that you do to release yourself from the discordant energy related to your beliefs and perceptions of something that occurred, usually involving someone else. Each experience is there to help you learn a soul lesson that you wanted to learn. You have all experienced being a victim and a perpetrator in different situations and different lifetimes.

Your ultimate state of being is peace. From this place, you can increase your vibration and experience joy, love, beauty, abundance, harmony, wellbeing, truth, acceptance and bliss.

In each moment you can choose again -love or fear. You regularly need to quiet and still your mind to connect with your higher guidance and insights.

Forgiveness requires a willingness to see things differently and to detach from the need to control things. It also requires a willingness to detach from the emotions of anger, hurt, and sadness - releasing and letting them go. It is a shift from focusing on the past and instead opening yourself up to the present moment -which is the only moment you really have. Imagine this, you have endless present moments to experience.

You are here because you wanted to feel the full range of emotions so you could grow and evolve your soul. Planet earth is the plane of emotions. The challenge is that many of you were taught to suppress or repress emotions of sadness and anger. The energy of these emotions gets lodged in the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual/etheric body (energetic body). It gets stuck in the subconscious mind and continues to try to surface to be felt, embraced, loved and released. The emotions will continue to surface with different triggering events until they are felt fully and allowed to pass through.

In this lifetime, you are working to embrace the fragmented and rejected aspects of self to become whole, healed and complete. As you accept and embrace the rejected aspects of yourself, you stop projecting those thoughts and beliefs onto others. You realize that love is the only thing that is real and the rest are ideas generated by the fear-based ego. (The ego is a thought you made up to experience separation). The ideas and thoughts that cause you pain and suffering were adopted from your parents, teachers, and the collective itself -from the unhealed aspects of others.

Acceptance and compassion towards yourself and others are what is needed to heal and become whole individually and collectively. Learn to celebrate your uniqueness and that of others. Stop trying to conform to other’s ideas of right or wrong, good or bad. Judgment of self and others does not serve you well. Get into alignment with Source/God and follow your bliss. Allow others to do the same.

The middle way is the key to happiness. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Lighten up and enjoy the ride. This is a game and is supposed to be fun. Let go of anything that is weighing you down and no longer serves you. Make the best of each now moment.

Start focusing on the qualities of Divinity in yourself and in others such as: laughter, joy, sweetness, peace, unconditional love, tranquility, kindness, wisdom, calmness, balance, truth, harmony, peace, truth, illumination, inspiration, and enlightenment. When you do this, your experiences will drastically improve. You will begin to embody these divine qualities. That is the life of an Ascended Master. Many of you wanted to follow in the steps of Jesus in this lifetime and in the new age.

With the help of St. Germain, you can invoke the violet flame of transmutation any time you want to forgive or release any discordant energy and convert fear in its many forms back to love for the highest good of all. The violet flame is the purifying flame of forgiveness. This can be done by stating your intention and visualizing the violet flame coming up from beneath your feel, and through you and all around you. This is spiritual alchemy. It is taking one energy form and changing it into another.

You are powerful creators of your experience but often forget this. You can change your experience by the decision to do so. Setting the intention to let love lead you and pay attention to the messages, intuition and higher guidance you receive for any situation.

There are many in the spirit realm, messengers from Source, your Higher Self, and God who are willing, waiting and ready to assist you upon your request. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, Namaste.


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