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Imagination - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is imagination.

Most of you have been taught to discredit your imagination. You are told to stop daydreaming and get back to doing something “productive” -something that someone else deems is more productive. But what if your daydreams are productive. What if your daydreams contain important information about your soul journey.

All new creations come from imagination. You are imagining something new -something that does not currently exist in the physical realm in quite the same way. Imagination is what will create the New Earth -based on Love, Unity, Understanding, and Compassion. You are moving beyond the fear-based paradigm that you were raised in. You will be imagining new systems and structures and products based upon Love and Oneness and respect for all living things.

Those that are seeing this message are the wayshowers, the lightworkers who will reimagine the new Earth based upon this higher consciousness.

Positive imagination is more important now than knowledge. You are reimagining yourselves and releasing yourself from the limiting beliefs that you were imprinted with. As you begin to stand in your power and realize who you truly are -made in the image and likeness of Source/Creator/Mother Father God, you realize that you are powerful creators of your experience.

If you don’t like what you have created, you can imagine and choose something different and better to create. This is how you grow and evolve. A lack of imagination leads to stagnation and a repeat of the same patterns and experiences. You are on planet Earth where you experience contrast. You know what you want by experiencing and learning what you don’t want.

Many of you are imagining a new life that transcends the beliefs in lack and limitation. As you raise your vibration and consciousness, new and exciting ideas are coming to you through your intuition and imagination. All new ground comes from imagination and curiosity.

Instead of asking, how do I know if it is my imagination? Say, oh my goodness, a new idea or vision just came into my mind. I’m not sure exactly where it came from, but I love this idea or vision. I’m so grateful for it. Celebrate it if it is a vision that is positive, loving, and exciting and will bring joy to you and to others. Your heartfelt dreams and visions come from Source. It doesn’t matter if others approve of it or can grasp it.

Imagination is given to us so we may enjoy creating something new. It is the joy of taking something from the nonphysical and creating something you can experience in the physical realm to be enjoyed by you and others.

Recognize your imagination as the gift that it is and honor it. Begin to honor and celebrate the imagination of others too. You wanted to be here at this time in history to witness and participate in the creation of the New Age and the New Earth. Your imagination and intuition are the keys to transitioning with ease and grace into the New Age.

You really are making this all up. What are you imagining next for yourself?

Your angels and guides are always a thought away and ready to assist you upon request. So are we, the Council of Light. We are here to help with the mass awakening- which is a remembering of who you truly are as divine spiritual beings having a human experience. We love you beyond measure. Until next time -let love lead the way. Namaste...


Note from Sandra. Check out the orbs in this photo of the sun - Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel


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