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Inner Guidance -Channeled Message from the Council of Light

Hello Beloved. We’re here. The Council of Light. We have a new message to share. The topic is inner guidance.

You have been taught to seek answers outside of yourself. Many of you have done this to such an extent that you have lost touch with your inner voice and intuitive guidance.

On schoolroom Earth, you are here to learn specific lessons through challenging experiences which your soul calls to you. Your angels and Spirit guides are available to support you and guide you, but they honor your free will. So, they can only assist when you ask for their assistance.

This requires a willingness to release control and trust that the Universe and the Spiritual realm will support you. It also requires a willingness to accept higher guidance.

It is challenging to hear the inner voice when the ego mind is active. You must become adept at turning inward and deciphering which voice you are listening to. The ego voice is critical and judgmental and is oriented toward self, separation, lack, limitation, fear and survival. The ego voice likes to compare the personality self with others and generates thoughts of not being enough or worthy.

The Higher Self or Divine Inner Guidance (comes in your own voice and as downloads of new insights, information, thoughts, and ideas). Inner guidance is calming, reassuring, expansive, unconditionally loving and accepting, supportive, powerful, and guides you toward more joy, connection, forgiveness, compassion, fulfillment, growth and expansion. To access inner guidance, you must ask the logical mind to step aside. The logical mind will discount intuitive guidance because it only has access to history and information in its memory banks. Intuition has access to new ideas and higher consciousness and sometimes doesn’t make logical sense. The most successful business leaders on your planet rely heavily on their inner guidance (intuition) to guide them.

As the collective continues through the mass awakening that is occurring now, it is time for a regular practice of quieting the mind and going inward to rediscover who you really are as Divine beings, to receive guidance on how to navigate more easily through your life experiences, and to discover new creations that want to emerge through you. This requires a willingness to release your stories, a focus on past events, and past programming that no longer serves your growth. You are powerful co-creators when you listen to and act on your inner guidance -which again is always for your highest joy and potential and greatest good.

You are not alone and you have a team in the Spirit realm who are best suited to work with you and are willing to help you. Call us in. We are here to support you on your awakening journey.

We love you beyond measure. Until next time, namaste.


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