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Joy - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved! We're here. The Council of Light. Today's topic is Joy.

You came here to experience Joy as well as the other emotions. It is time to experience more joy and freedom. Joy is the Divine expressing through you. Your inner child leads you to joy through your creativity. Where do you want to play? It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

What mini adventures can you take? What would you like to explore? What keeps popping in your mind that you feel you just don't have time for? How can you express yourself more fully? What image is being offered you when you think about experiencing more joy?

All of your experiences of joy and adventure fill your Spirit. Isn't it time to refill your tank? Your Spirit's tank?

That is all for today. We love you beyond measure and are cheering you on from the Spirit Realm. Until next time. Namaste.


Note from Sandra - See the blue ray in this photo there is also a small blue orb under the sun in this photo. This is Archangel Michael. Yay!!! Thank you Archangel Michael for stopping by today.


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