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Mirroring - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We’re here and happy to connect with you again. Today’s topic is Mirroring.

Mirroring is how you experience each other. What you don’t like in another is often a projection of an aspect of self that you do not acknowledge in yourself. Some call this the shadow. You can only observe qualities in others that you resonate with on some level. It can also be a light shadow -in the case of qualities that you admire in others that you may not have recognized or realized in yourself.

Prior to incarnating you have soul contracts with people who will play a role to get you to realize something in yourself that you haven’t before. This is a part of your desired soul growth curriculum. Maybe this is an experience that causes you to stand up for yourself and step into your own power. Maybe it is an experience to show you how to provide unconditional support to a loved one who is vulnerable in some way. Maybe it is to teach you forgiveness of yourself and others.

Maybe it is to teach you a sense of interdependence to the whole. Now interdependence is very different than codependence. Interdependence comes from a state of wholeness and uniqueness but with a recognition and appreciation of the equal value and uniqueness of each person to the whole.

So, if you are feeling aggravated by another person, this is an opportunity to heal a wound within yourself. If you are feeling unsupported, ask how am I supporting myself? What can I do to be more supportive of myself? You often look outside of yourselves for things that you feel are lacking within. If you start looking within: take a few deep breaths, quiet the mind, focus inward and on your heart (you can put a hand on your heart), ask for help from you Higher Self, your Angels and Guides on how you can support yourself more and feel more supported. You will start to receive messages from your Higher Self, Source, Your Angels and Guides on ways you can better support yourself. (Note: You know the messages are from a higher Source if they are loving, gentle, kind, supportive and encouraging.)

This is the lifetime to heal karmic wounds and to become the sovereign and empowered creators you are meant to become. Look for the lessons in each experience so you can release the pain, suffering and emotion you have experienced from it. In some cases you have been carrying this trapped emotion and suffering around with you for a long time. That is what enlightening means -you are releasing memories of painful experiences and discordant energy. You are forgiving yourself and the others involved and thanking all for the lesson you learned from it. Once a lesson is learned, it does not have to be repeated again.

You can release the pain and emotion by becoming aware of it, shining the light of your awareness on it, embracing it, sending love to the inner child that has or is experiencing it, and allowing it to move and release from your physical body, emotional body, mental body and energetic body. You can visualize it in a balloon being carried off to be transmuted by the Divine or envision the violet flame of forgiveness engulfing you and the emotion/experience -to purify and cleanse and release the discordant energy from you. You can call in St. Germain to assist you with the violet flame of transmutation. You can call in Archangel Michael to cut those energetic cords to the experiences and the people involved. You can call us in as the Council of Light to bring in Divine Light and love to transmute it.

You may feel it release from you energetically. You will know you have released the discordant energy if you feel lighter, a sense of calm and peace afterwards. This frees you up to have new and more loving and joyful experiences.

You are powerful creators and can choose your experience in every moment. You can choose peace and love. Again, tune into your heart and your Higher Power to see what these intentions inspire within you.

By understanding mirroring, you actually become grateful for the experiences that you considered “bad” or triggering because you realize that they gave you an opportunity to become conscious of an aspect within you that came up to be seen, embraced, loved, healed and transformed. You also become compassionate rather than judgmental towards others as you realize that you are all here on a journey to have many experiences, to learn and grow.

The contrast in experiences is what helps you to learn more about yourself and continue to grow and expand.

That is enough to chew on for today. We love you beyond measure. We in the non-physical realm are cheering you all on as you go through your spiritual awakening individually and collectively. With your new expanding consciousness, many new and wonderful creations are possible. Until next time, concentrate on making inner peace a priority for yourself, and you will see your life change in unimaginable ways. Namaste.


Note from Sandra. I delight in taking different photos of the sun every day to see which orbs appear in the photos. Orbs are friendly divine spirits supporting us. I believe the green one on this photo is Archangel Raphael. I believe that the Council of Light is a collective of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, and Spirit Guides here to assist us individually and collectively with the mass Spiritual Awakening and Ascension that is occurring now.


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