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Presence - Channeled Message from the Council of Light

Hello Beloved. We are here -the Council of Light. Today’s topic is presence.

You are moving into a time where your vibrational presence is the most important thing you can offer others. You always have a choice about whether it is a vibration of love, kindness, compassion, and goodness towards yourself and others or the opposite of that which is a form of fear such as anger, judgment, resentment, guilt, shame, or any other low vibrational idea that you project outward.

An important aspect of presence is listening and witnessing -holding space for others to share what is on their mind, without the need to comment, fix or offer advice.

You can always set an intention each day and in each moment to co-create with love in whatever way your heart guides you to. Love is expressed in infinite ways through its infinite Source of all things.

Each of us offers a unique aspect or form of Divine love, offering a variety of different expressions. Each immensely valuable to the whole.

Showing up for others is often what others remember about you -that you were there for the important moments and for the day-to-day moments. People always remember the way you make them feel and the unique aspects of your presence.

It isn’t so much about what you do but how you are when you show up. To be present in a high vibrational way for others starts with showing up for yourself, being kind and loving toward yourself, being present for all the emotions even the so-called negative emotions and embracing the inner child who carries the wounds from childhood and adulthood in the subconscious until something happens that triggers the unhealed pain to surface. This gives you an opportunity to be present with it (the emotion and the pain), to love and embrace it (and the inner child experiencing it), to integrate it to be part of the whole -witnessing the shadow and the light and embracing all. Only then can you be healed of that wound.

Once you have worked through your trapped emotions and soul lessons, you are able to offer a peaceful and healing presence to others as they work through theirs.

There is no better feeling than to be grounded, centered, vibrationally aligned with Source, (your Higher Self or Christ Consciousness and I Am presence) and to be in full acceptance of yourself and others. It is a peaceful, joyful, and blissful state of mind. This is spiritual mastery. This is enlightenment. These are the traits of Ascended Masters.

This is all for now. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, peace and blessings. Namaste.


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