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Receiving - Channeled message from the Council of Light

We’re here – the Council of Light. The topic today is on Receiving.

Receiving is a feminine quality. Every human being has feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energy within regardless of gender orientation.

Both female and male energies are essential for wholeness. For the past 2000 years, there has been a collective experience of the suppression of the feminine energy in favor of a desire to control and a distorted interpretation of power with the intent to dominate others. This is an example of wounded male energy.

As more Divine Light enters the planet earth, these distorted wounded male energies must come to the surface to be seen, in order to be healed and transformed.

The Divine Feminine is rising and bringing with it the qualities of inward focus, increased intuition, unconditional love, creativity, sensitivity, kindness, nurturing, compassion, receptivity, connection, community, and unity.

Balancing and healing the feminine and masculine energy within is an important aspect of the spiritual awakening process individually and collectively.

Once these energies are balanced within you will feel a sense of wholeness, peace and calmness and can release the illusion of separation you have been playing out here. If you have trouble receiving in any aspect of your life, begin to look at the wounded aspects of male and female energies that exist within which you have learned and adopted along your physical trail.

Tune in, quiet your mind, set an intention to connect to your Soul, Higher Self, Source, Angels and Spirit guides to reveal the wounded female and wounded male energy that exists within you that is blocking you from receiving. Your higher guidance will reveal to you what is ready to be seen, healed and transmuted for your highest good and the highest good of all.

When the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy is restored to its natural state of balance, you will be more aligned and receptive to the Universal flow and abundance that is always available to you. Your intuitive abilities will expand and will help you to access higher awareness and insights to guide you along your path and help you to manifest more easily. You will drop the push energy and instead will work with the Universal laws of resonance and attraction.

As you heal this individually, you will see it reflected back to you in the collective. You will become a positive example for others to follow. You are here at an exciting time. You chose to be here at this time to help raise the consciousness on planet Earth and usher in the New Age and the New Earth.

We in the spirit realm are here to guide and assist you on your path. Call us in. You can connect with us directly. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, Namaste. (The light within us bows to the light within you.)


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