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Self Awareness - Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel

Hello Beloved,

This is Archangel Gabriel. I'm happy to connect with you. I am the Archangel of Communication and Revelation. I am helping you to become a clear vessel for Divine messages. Learning to empty yourself regularly will be important. This means energetically, mentally and emotionally.

Trust in the ideas you receive from me. They will come in for you as thoughts and ideas.

Today's topic is self-awareness. In your process of self-discovery, it is really important to become aware of your thoughts and thought patterns. Remember that you are not your thoughts but it is helpful to become the observer of your thoughts. Because some thoughts create negative emotions, feelings and actions and some create positive feelings, emotions and actions. Thoughts that are unconditional and accepting are loving. Thoughts that are judgmental of self or others cause pain and suffering and are not True with a capital T. You can choose peace and love in every moment instead of fear and conflict.

You each come from Love and are Love as your true nature. Each human being is gifted with a unique expression of the Divine that is meant to be expressed and shared with others to benefit the whole.

As a collective and individually, you are releasing thoughts, thought patterns, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Many of these you adopted from your families, schools, religion and society. As you raise your consciousness (awareness), you are moving away from the illusion of separation, lack and limitation and back to unity consciousness, love, light, kindness, compassion, abundance, forgiveness and peace.

You are spiritual beings having a human experience. The much larger part of you is in the non-physical. You are here at this time to raise your consciousness and learn soul lessons along the way and to witness the mass Awakening that is occurring now and participating in creating the new Earth. Be light-hearted about it. Wherever you find joy, your purpose is close at hand. You are learning to balance your emotions, let your heart and soul lead, and your mind to be a faithful servant to your heart, soul and intuition (inner wisdom).

I am here to help you find your Truth and to fully and authentically express it to benefit others and serve the Awakening. You will support and encourage lightworkers who are here to express and extend Divine Love and light and serve the collective Awakening in their unique way. You are creating a community or network of conscious creators through your YouTube videos and Spiritual Awakening Circle.

An important aspect of the awakening is a remembering of who you really are as Divine beings as aspects of the Creator here to expand and grow and extend Love in your unique way. Wherever you are, God is. You have never been separated from Source but you have forgotten and have been taught otherwise. Angels and spirit guides are ready and waiting to assist you in your awakening so you can experience Heaven on Earth. We can only assist when requested because Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters always respect your free will. When you relax, quiet the mind, tune into your heart and ask for help, support and guidance from your Angels and Guides with pure intention and for your highest good and the highest good of all, you will begin to receive loving intuitive thoughts, feelings, images, signs and messages from us. For many, it takes time and practice to learn to trust the information that comes through. Everyone has the ability to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Buddha) when they have a high vibration and practice tuning inward (becoming heart-centered) and emptying out the mind. This frees space for higher awareness and new ideas and insights to drop in.

I have greatly enjoyed this conversation and look forward to our next one. I am sending forth my Divine love and light! Remember that peace and love already exist and are a choice to be experienced. Until next time. Namaste!

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