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Spiritual Alchemy - Council of Light Message

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Hello Beloved,

We are here -the Council of Light. Today’s topic is Spiritual Alchemy.

Spiritual Alchemy starts with a darker denser energy that seeks to mix and mingle with light and love and yields a third essence which is much stronger than the original energy. The light and love come from Divine grace. It creates motivation or inspiration. Motivation often is a desire to move beyond or away from the current state toward a more refined state. Inspiration comes from intuitive nudges or new ideas that enable you to grow and expand.

Here is an analogy. When you bake something, you first mix some ingredients, you blend the ingredients and add heat to make a cake or bread. The motivation or inspiration is like the yeast that helps the bread or cake to rise. The heat is what transforms it from batter into cake or bread.

In the same way, you can use intention and visualization to perform spiritual alchemy. When you visualize a situation in a violet flame it creates spiritual alchemy for that situation. (Note: I like to call in St. Germain to assist.) The violet flame adds forgiveness, truth, and purification to an existing situation and transmutes the energy of the situation into a higher state of consciousness/being. It removes the fear-based illusions and brings you back to undiluted Love and strengthens you beyond the prior state of that situation.

The key to spiritual alchemy is to bring the light of our awareness to the pain, challenge, feeling, situation or wound and allow ourselves to feel the emotion that is present. Only when the feelings and emotions are observed, felt fully, embraced and allowed to move through with our gentle acceptance and compassion, are we able to release it and experience the growth and wisdom that is available to us from it.

Since we are part of a Universal energy field, what one transforms and transmutes for themselves, benefits the whole and helps to raise the collective consciousness.

You came here to experience emotions and to learn soul lessons through your experiences -especially the challenging experiences which you planned before your incarnation. Nothing happens to you, it happens for you for your soul growth. There are no victims, only volunteers. You are all here to play different roles for each other to help each other grow. You wanted to get to know yourself better by experiencing various contrasts to Divine Love and Light and eventually to work your way back home.

Your Soul will guide you. You will know when a role you have played for another is no longer serving either of you. This is when the desired soul lesson is learned. Maybe the lesson was to be more understanding and compassionate with others. Maybe it was to stand up for yourself. Maybe, it was to love and value yourself more. Maybe it was to be unconditionally supportive of someone in need for a time.

Many who have incarnated at this time are working through the illusion of separation to more fully understand Oneness. So, you have had experiences in childhood where you didn’t feel you belonged in your family or in society. The pain and suffering that one experiences from feeling separate eventually causes them to go inward. This is where you rediscover your connection to Source and All That Is. This is how you find your way back to Oneness and move beyond the illusion of separation. But without the challenge and suffering from the illusion, you are not called to go in to experience the truth of our Oneness with Source and all others.

The challenging experiences and relationships you find yourself in create the conditions for you to question the false beliefs and fears that your Soul is wanting to heal and move beyond. Only love is real. Every time you are triggered emotionally, this is an opportunity for spiritual alchemy. This experience is happening to bring to the surface the belief behind the pain and suffering that is begging to be reexamined, felt, processed, healed and transmuted into the Soul wisdom and lesson you wanted to learn.

That is enough to chew on today. Take it one day at a time. You are doing magnificently. You are brave and courageous warriors of light. You are learning and growing on the most difficult planet in the Universe – Schoolroom Earth. We love you beyond measure. Until next time.

Namaste Earth Angels.


Sometimes when we are in the darkest heaviest experience, we need help with spiritual alchemy to transmute that energy and step into a higher vibration. If that is you, I invite you to a private session. You can learn more about that here.


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