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What is an Ascended Master?

St. Germain Channeled Response

A. An Ascended Master has been on planet earth and has an expe

rience of being human and understands all of the human emotions and has mastered the transmutation of dark back into light and has ascended and graduated into teaching. It takes many lifetimes to become Ascended but we would say that when you start you are already Ascended. You go back to what you already are. It is a school but it is a forgetting of what you are. It is a journey and a great experience on planet earth to go through the grades and the graduation of the different lifetimes to experience all aspects, all emotions. But not only all emotions but all shades of emotions. There are hundreds of emotions and thousands of shades of these emotions. It is tuning into each frequency and being able to transmute it back into love with mastery. This is all. It is a fun game. It is the same as snakes and ladders. Sometimes you go up the ladder and sometimes you fall back down the snakes. But eventually you get to the end. The difference between an Ascended Master and an Archangel/Angels is that an Archangel/Angel has not lived on planet earth so they do not get caught up in the human emotions. They see and guide you with clarity without getting caught up in the human emotions. Ascended Masters understand all of the emotions and are able to assist in this way.

We are all Ascended Masters because this is not our first lifetime, rodeo, or universe. There are infinite combinations and universes and it is an experience in this one that we now show up as an Ascended Master but there are many more aspects of us in different lifetimes, different planets, and different universes.

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