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Acceptance - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved. We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Acceptance.

Your planet is going through big changes. One of the best ways to flow through these changes with ease and grace is to be in a state of acceptance. Accepting and allowing what is emerging and choosing love over fear.

Acceptance also comes from the realization that every soul is unique and is on their own soul path. No two of you are exactly alike but each of you, in your true essence, are essential to the whole.

Another aspect of acceptance comes when you realize that many of the things you have been taught by your family, religion, school and society are actually the opposite of what is true for you …and so you go through a process of identity death and rebirth as a part of your self-discovery journey.

Part of the journey from ego identification to heart-based consciousness involves healing of core wounds you have endured when you were not true to yourself to be accepted by others -or when you were rejected by others for being your true authentic self. As you go through this healing process, people and situations trigger these old wounds giving you an opportunity to learn from the experience and to make other choices so as not to keep recreating the same painful experiences over and over.

Things you haven’t been prepared to address consciously, you repress and put into your shadow -which essentially means they are stored in your subconscious mind. Sometimes you work through things in your dream state. Often these are qualities or traits that you don’t want to acknowledge in yourself, you may end up projecting onto others who you judge. And the key to healing these seemingly darker qualities and traits is first accepting them in yourself and then allowing yourself to feel the emotions that accompany them. Embracing the rejected aspects with love, so that they can be released from your shadow and integrated into your whole being.

When you accept and heal these wounds in yourself, you also help the collective to heal. Acceptance is realizing that everyone else is going through the same process of healing wounds -albeit at different paces and at different times depending on their soul path. Once you realize that people are not meant to be doing things the same way on a soul level, you come to a place of acceptance of others and yourself and the universe. You accept that things unfold in divine timing for your highest good in a way that is impossible for you to know and understand with your human mind.

Once you are able to accept yourself fully and completely, you are able to accept others as well. Acceptance does not mean condoning hurtful behavior and it does not mean staying in harmful situations. Acceptance sometimes means allowing relationships to release for the highest good of all.

Acceptance also means allowing yourself all the good that is available to you as your birthright as an essential aspect of the Creator. It means allowing yourself to follow your passion, your intuition, your curiosity, and your inspiration. These things are essential to your purpose and reason for being, regardless of the opinions of others.

Your purpose in life is to accept and be true to your Self and to share your unique gifts and talents with others.

Acceptance is allowing things to unfold without attachment to specific outcomes -which is very challenging for most of you. Instead, enjoy the process of following your passion. That is true success on a soul level.

Acceptance is the beginning of any healing journey or transformation. From there, with love and divine guidance, you can begin co-creating a better reality for yourself and learn your soul lessons along the way. Everything happens for you, not to you. It is your job to determine what you learned and gained from each experience. That is why you are here at this exciting time in human history.

You are the brave light beings who wanted to be here during this transition from one age of consciousness into another. We are here to support you. All you have to do to connect is to raise your vibration, still your mind, and invite us in. We love you beyond measure.

Until next time, Namaste.


Sandra: Can you spot the orb in the photo above? I have learned that the opposite of acceptance is resistance. What you resist persists.


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