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Discernment - Council of Light Message

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

sun shining in the sky

Hello Beloved. We’re Here. The Council of Light. Today’s Topic is Discernment.

You are given free will and a life in a human body to learn soul lessons and to have certain experiences and to discover who you are. On earth, you forget who you are as a Divine being to go through various experiences where you learn about yourself in various circumstances and situations.

You all experiment with playing the role of the victim and the perpetrator to experience what it feels like. Both are the opposite of love -which is your natural state. You also experiment with power and powerlessness. In this lifetime, many of you wanted to learn to stand in your own power and sovereignty no matter what family circumstances and beliefs you were raised in.

You have come to realize the precious time that you have here to experience everything you wanted to experience as a Soul. Some have been stuck in a role of people pleasing in order to be accepted and to fit in -but at what cost to yourself?

Your life force energy is meant to be used to develop and share your gifts and to experience love, joy, abundance, and fulfillment. You drain your lifeforce energy when you agree to do things out of a sense of fear or obligation to others versus out of a pure desire to do so. You drain your life force when you aren’t true to yourself and aren’t able to express yourself honestly because of the fear of how others will receive it. You drain your life force when you agree to be around others who are invalidating, judgmental, and critical of who you truly are -even if this is your family of origin.

Discernment is necessary for determining how and who you share your time and energy with. Is it life affirming or is it draining your life force? Do you feel contracted after or expanded? Do you feel seen, understood, valued, supported, and encouraged? Will it nourish and renew you?

This is a time of releasing what no longer serves you including relationships. Don’t worry about the societal beliefs around the importance of family. Many lightworkers have a soul mission that requires them to break free from dysfunctional family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns -in order to stand in your own power, to step into your true authentic self and your lightworker role more fully.

Jesus had to leave his hometown to begin his ministry. Jesus also said: “Do not cast your pearls to swine.” He was essentially teaching people how to ascend out of the Matrix control system and to discern who is energetically draining versus those who truly have the ears to hear and eyes to see. Discernment is all about what is worth your energy, what is worth your time, and what is absolutely draining. We can be in discernment, take actions of wisdom, yet still come from a place of complete unconditional love. You are acknowledging the God in everyone but you still apply the wisdom to discern what is for the good of all, what is for the good of the individual, and what is the good that can come from any situation or interaction.

Discernment is a spiritual skill of discerning the most life-giving choice in any moment. Discernment allows you to distinguish between something or someone who causes harm or that will assist you. Will the interaction add to your day or derail it?

Discernment is a commitment to spend your time wisely and to only say “Yes” when it is a holy hell yes. Choosing the life you want to live comes down to choosing what you say Yes to.


Sandra’s Note: I picked an Oracle card this morning from the Divine Feminine Oracle deck from Meggan Watterson on this topic of Discernment. I want to share a few observations she shares about this that also help…

It’s not your business to worry about those you might disappoint. You were not meant to meet everyone’s expectations of you. You were made to express the truth of who you are and to use the brief time you have here to live out your potential. Your only true obligation is to your Soul (and I would add to your Source/God/Creator/Higher Self.) Realize your divine sovereignty and worthiness and act accordingly. Unapologetically choose the life you actually want to live. Make your “Yes” holy again by using it when it is the truth.

Also the orbs in this photo here are stunning. Feeling Archangel Presence in it.


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