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Creativity - Channeled Message from the Council of Light

Hello Beloved. We’re Here. The Council of Light.

Today’s topic is Creativity.

We begin with the premise that you are all created in the image and likeness of God/Creator/Source, and as such, by nature you are also creative. Many of you have adopted a belief that you are not creative. In many households and in Western society, being creative has been deemed less valuable than intellectual or athletic pursuits. Yet many of the most well known in any society are highly creative. These people allowed the Creative force within to express itself in its various and unique ways.

If you believe you are not creative, it is really that you are just blocked creatively. The creative energy has not been allowed to flow freely through you. Often it is because you are afraid that what you would create would not be good enough. The ego loves to compare itself to others which further hinders creativity. Free flowing imagination, intuition, curiosity, and playfulness are essential qualities for creativity to blossom.

The reason you have incarnated on planet Earth is to experience the joy of channeling an idea or a vision into manifestation in the physical realm. This is the plane of taking a feeling or idea from the spirit or nonphysical realm and bringing it into reality to learn and grow.

There are endless possibilities for creativity to manifest and many types of creativity even beyond the types that you commonly think of, such as: painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, music, crafts, pottery, woodworking, video production, filmmaking, acting, etc.

Creative ideas come from Source. It is the highest form of self-expression that you have. Everything is a form of energy. Creativity is a form of energy -an expression of energy and takes on different qualities or conveys a certain essence.

What type of creativity do you admire in others? What have you always wanted to try but have been putting off or too intimidated to try? If you have been drained and exhausted lately, one of the causes of this can be a pinching off your own life force energy including your own creativity.

To get unblocked creatively, start with affirmations that support your creative energy to begin getting unblocked. Affirmation: I AM creative as an extension of Source energy.

Begin by asking yourself, “What creative activity would bring more joy and fulfillment into my life?” Think of creativity as vital life force energy that wants to be expressed and moved, not repressed and stagnant.

Creativity is an energy that seeks expression, exploration, and expansion. There are endless possibilities for its manifested outcomes. These manifestations are only limited by your logical mind. When you dare to dream beyond what you have known before, you are open to new ideas to downloaded by your Higher Self, Angels and Guides.

Creativity often starts from curiosity and a childlike wonder. With creative endeavors, you want to enjoy the whole journey and process of creativity. Do not focus entirely on the end result. If the creativity comes from heart-based inspiration and a desire to share your true authentic self-expression, that is the point. This is the gift that you share that is expressing through you.

Does your creation bring you joy and a feeling of expansion? If it does, it will do that for others as well. If it does not, it may be a stepping stone to a better version that is yet to come.

You each hold a unique piece of the vast and expanding web of creation. You are powerful creators, but sometimes forget. We are here to remind you of your magnificence. Don’t worry about it if your creation is considered good by other people’s standards. What if it doesn’t matter if others embrace your creation right away? Someone will. Creativity is a learning opportunity. So have fun and allow your creative energy to flow, and you will be amazed at what you have created when you look back on it. We are excited for your journey. Be lighthearted about it.

We (the Council of Light) look forward to your new creations. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, let love lead you. Namaste.


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