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Love - Council of Light Message for the New Earth, Lightworkers

Updated: Jan 22

sun shining in blue sky

Hello Beloved. We are here. The Council of Light. Today’s Topic is Love.


Invite your natural essence of Love to fill your every cell and embrace you. It is accepting, nurturing, gentle, wise, compassionate, non-judgmental, and understanding. Practice taking time out of your day to fill yourself with your love light from within. It will lead and guide you in the most magical ways. This natural state of love dissolves fear and darkness and transmutes negative thoughts and experiences into soul lessons and gifts.


You are personally and collectively moving from ego consciousness to heart-based consciousness. This means you are transitioning from focusing on the analytic, comparing, linear and judgmental mind guiding your thoughts and actions to a heart-based loving intuitive operating system. This new operating perspective is based on the realization that every person and living being is equal and valuable in the eyes of the Creator and in the web of life for their unique essence, attributes, gifts, and characteristics. There is no need to prove yourself to anyone because you are intrinsically valuable as you are -as you were conceived by the Creator. This lifetime is about releasing the identities that you have created for yourself out of ego consciousness. It is the death of the false self and a rebirth of your true, authentic self.


As people on your planet awaken and ascend, they merge with their soul and begin to embody their Higher Self/God Self. During this evolution, you are learning to accept all and resist nothing because you realize that there is a divine purpose for everything that happens; even if the human mind can’t comprehend it. As you evolve, you are in a state of nonjudgment of yourself and others. You realize that anything you judge binds you to that which you judge. What you place in darkness, calls you to that darkness.


In a state of love, you release what is not true and authentic to your Soul and Divine essence. You are allowing and embracing all of your feelings and are loving your inner child through the healing of any pain or trauma you have experienced. You are able to heal the inner child, trauma, and emotional pain with the light of your own higher consciousness and divine love. This is spiritual alchemy. You can think of the divine light within as the divine spark within. You can expand the divine light and love within by focusing on expanding it with your slow and steady inbreaths or inhales into the heart center. You can focus on releasing tension, pain, fear and worry with your slow exhale. You can think of this breath of life as your connection with Source/Creator/God/The Universe (whatever name you prefer).


The New Earth that is emerging now is based on love, connection, empathy, compassion, unity, harmony, and balance. You are moving on from the ego mind which operates from a sense of separation from your Divine Creator, Earth and everyone and everything. This illusion of separation is what has created everything that is not love in your experience.


Begin creating an inner sanctuary of divine light and love within. This will help you to navigate the coming chaotic times with more ease and grace. Begin giving yourself the love that you have been seeking outside of yourself and it will begin to be reflected back to you in your experiences with others. Love is the most powerful, healing and expanding energy and force that exists in the multiverse.


Choose to focus on love and divine light and avoid getting caught up in the dramas playing out in the collective and around you that are the polarities of Love and light (and higher consciousness). This chaos and the ego clashes involved must be seen and witnessed, not judged, and recognized as the opportunity to choose something else.  By witnessing and not judging these conflicts, the situations can be transmuted, and transcended and you can evolve personally and collectively. The cosmos evolves through chaos and all new birth, all transformation occurs with a certain amount of endings and pain. It is the resistance to change that causes so much pain.


If you are reading or hearing this message, you are waking up to yourself as one who wants to anchor divine light and love in your unique way to help raise the consciousness on the planet. You wanted to participate in creating the New Earth based upon unconditional love, light, harmony, acceptance, unity, balance, equality, divine inspiration, creativity, and beauty. You wanted to experience your divine nature while in a physical body.


We are here to remind you with this message. Please realize that as more divine light continues to blanket the planet, the veil of forgetfulness of your divine nature is thinning and lifting. This enables you to expand your consciousness, grow and become enlightened. Start to become more aware of your thoughts. Are they fear-based from the ego or heart-based from love? You can choose again in any moment, when you have noticed that your thoughts have shifted back to fear-based. Focus on the present moment. Notice when your thoughts are based on the past or on the future and bring them back to the present moment. Choose love. Choose peace. You’ll be glad you did.


Well, that is all for now. We love you beyond measure. You are brave and courageous to be here on Earth during this time of transition. We are here to support you. You are never alone. Until next time. Let love lead. Namaste.


Note from Sandra: If you enjoy channeled messages like this and you want to meet other like-minded and like-hearted lightworkers, I invite you to attend our monthly Conscious Creator Circle gatherings on zoom. We are a new, intimate and friendly group. You can learn more here.


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