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Relationships - Council of Light Message

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Sun shining and blue sky

Hello Beloved!

We’re Here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Relationships.

Relationships are a mirror for you of what is going on inside. When you feel love and self-love and share love with others, that is what you receive back from others. When you are feeling a lack of love inside, it often manifests as feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and controlling behaviors and these energies repel others.

All relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Many of you are having to learn and embody unconditional love for the first time in this incarnation because it was not modeled for you in your family of origin. Instead many of you learned conditional love. You learned that you had to earn love and respect by certain actions, behaviors, and achievements.

The first and primary relationship in your life is with yourself and your Source (Higher Power). It is a process of self-discovery through contrasts and a releasing of the many masks and roles you have played for others in your life.

In terms of relationships with others, you aren’t looking for other people to complete you. You are already whole, complete and perfect in the eyes of God/The Creator. You may not feel that way because you adopted false beliefs about who you are from others who don’t really know who they are either.

As you grow personally and spiritually, so will your relationships. Some relationships are not meant to be in your life for a long time, just a season, just long enough to teach you something about yourself or a soul lesson.

Mature relationships are mutual, and embrace your true authentic self, and are accepting and loving unconditionally. It is not one that is a give to get something relationship. (Example: I do this for you to get your approval and validation). It is 2 whole and complete people coming together to share life experiences or to collaborate on something offering differing perspectives that contribute positively to the whole.

Acceptance of your true authentic self and unconditional love is what you are after. You are not being controlled by another or trying to change or “fix” someone else to meet your needs. You are celebrating and honoring each other’s uniqueness and essence for what it is. That is true love.

What you are moving toward is the ability to see the Divine in yourself and the other. This is how Jesus was such a healing presence for most people. He never saw the ailment or mental construct that was presented to him – he saw that person as a Divine being, whole and complete, and if the person in front of him could believe this vision, they healed. During his incarnation, Jesus had such a high vibration that it was healing to just be in his presence and to hear his words. He came to demonstrate what is possible for each of us as well.

One of the keys to improving relationships is to move out of ego-based thinking and instead communicate from the heart. As you raise your vibration, you no longer have a need to be right at the expense of someone else being wrong. Instead, you seek to understand the other’s perspective and realize that this person is in your life to teach you something. What are they teaching you? You focus on and appreciate their divine/good qualities and characteristics instead of focusing on what you perceive they are lacking. You intend and embody qualities of kindness, acceptance, empathy, compassion, love, light-heartedness, innocence, curiosity, wonder, joy, playfulness, appreciation, and wisdom.

Relationships are ground zero for learning your soul lessons. If you are struggling in relationships, begin to look inward to see what core wound(s) need(s) to be healed and what core beliefs need to be released and replaced to improve the relationships you have or attract the healthy relationships you desire.

Part of your spiritual awakening is a process of reprogramming yourself -releasing beliefs you’ve adopted that no longer serve you -many were taught and modeled from your family of origin. You may also need to release relationships that don’t allow you to be your true authentic self to make room for new and more uplifting relationships to enter.

You are in the driver’s seat and get to decide what to hold onto and what to release on your spiritual path as you grow and evolve.

We (The Council of Light) are cheering you on and are supporting you on your spiritual awakening journey. We love you beyond measure. Until next time, namaste.


A note from Sandra: I love taking photos of the Sun for these blog articles and delight in the orbs that appear on the photos. The orbs of light are Angels and Ascended Masters saying "Hi". Can you see the orbs in the photo above? Do you see orbs in your photos?


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