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Release Yourself - First Channeled Message from The Council of Light -

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hello Beloved!

We are happy to be with you. We are the Council of Light. Our message is to...Release yourself from anything that hinders your freedom of Self Expression. Stories, beliefs, a sense of over responsibility for others, jobs that are unfulfilling, relationships that don't allow you to be your true authentic self.

You are here to grow and expand your consciousness (awareness) of All That Is. You are multi-dimensional beings. Each with unique attributes, gifts and talents that are important to the whole. Each are equal in the eyes of God/Source.

The only thing that is real is love. Unconditional love. Everything that is expressed that is unlike love is a form of fear. It is a call for love. It is a forgetting of who you are or who they are as Divine beings from Source Energy/the Divine Creator.

You are on school room earth to experience different frequencies, to learn lessons and grow as souls. You all experience the different aspects of dark and light. The contrast helps you to know yourselves better and offers you the opportunity to choose again in every moment (if you miss the mark) - Love or Fear.

The present moment is all there is. Focus here. Let go of the past and fear of the future. Find joy in this moment. Lighten up. You are here to explore and express your joy, love, beauty, abundance and well being.

Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow, even the difficult experiences. You call them to you (on a soul level) to work through a lesson - a soul lesson.

Release any concerns about past mistakes once you realize the lesson learned. Once you realize the lesson and forgive yourself and the others involved, you are free to move ahead. You are the director of the play of your life. In truth, you each are powerful creators. You may have forgotten.

You are always connected to Source but may still be under the veil of forgetfulness to different degrees. You do this so you can play the game here on Earth. This veil of forgetfulness is thinning for many of you.

Many of you are becoming interested in the spiritual aspects of your being and are now searching for deeper meaning and purpose in your lives. Spiritual awakening is a process of dropping out of the mind and into your heart with a desire to let your soul take the lead, letting your alignment with Source, Your Higher Self, and love guide you.

Allow your feelings to inform you of what needs attention and where you are vibrating. Practice accepting, embracing, honoring, loving and releasing negative emotions. This is necessary for transforming or transmuting them. Your emotions are your guidance system. Become the observer of your thoughts and feelings and remember that you are not your thoughts.

You have a right mind and a wrong mind. The right mind is in alignment with Source and is sometimes referred to as the still, small voice. The thoughts of peace, love, forgiveness, beauty, compassion, kindness, and joy are of the right mind. The wrong mind is that of the ego and is often first and loudest and are negative and critical thoughts that focus on conflict and cause pain and suffering. The thoughts of not enough, unworthiness, perfectionism, worry, doubt, fear, guilt, judgment, impatience, frustration, and shame are of the ego which always focuses on separateness and has an unrelenting quest for more to feel superior or inferior to others. It is an illusion - a thought pattern-a tiny mad idea. The reason that these thoughts feel so bad is that they are not the truth of who you really are and are out of alignment with your Source/Creator. Who you really are is love.

You are loved. You are loving. You are lovable. Start from here and explore the possibilities. Share your gifts and talents. Shine your light. Enjoy the ride. Make the most of your opportunities. Have fun.

We are here to support you. We love you beyond measure. We are the Council of Light. Until next time. Namaste.

Note from Sandra: I was so excited when the Council of Light came through during my meditation this morning. This is how they introduced themselves to me for the blog article. I believe these to be a team of Angels, Spirit Guides, Teachers and Ascended Masters assigned to bring through these messages. I'm very grateful for this connection. I knew I had to share their message on the blog. I was thinking about what image I could use with the article so I took this photo of the sun with my iphone during my walk this morning. Do you see the green orb in the photo? I did not see the orb when I took the photo but it showed up on the photo. I see orbs in photos regularly now. Friendly spirits/beings of light. So fun. For more on this message visit my YouTube channel here.


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