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Surrendering - Council of Light Message

Hello Beloved! We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Surrendering.

So many of you are so used to controlling things for your desired outcome and are disappointed when things don’t go as you planned or hoped. It is the ego’s desire to control things and it prevents you from going with the Universal flow. It cuts you off from many wonderful things and experiences that are available to you.

The Divine plan is always better than the ones that your linear and logical ego mind can conjure up. The key is allowing your desires to blossom and emerge and to be open to the intuitive nudges and flashes of inspiration that will lead you to the most joy and fulfillment.

You are at the end of the 3rd Dimension Consciousness that has focused on the illusion of separation, lack and limitation. The rules of the game are changing as you enter the 5th Dimension Consciousness. Fifth Dimension Consciousness is based on the premise of Unity, Oneness, Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Balance & Harmony.

You are all connected to One Universal energy field. Everyone you experience reflects an aspect of you, since in truth, there is no separation. Everything is energy and consciousness. Each one is an aspect of the larger energy field. As such, it is easier to feel compassion for the fragmented aspects of Self that you have denied or disowned. Now it is about embracing all, to heal and become whole. It is also easier to be compassionate with others when you don’t view them as separate but also a part of the One.

The Key aspect of 5th Dimension Consciousness is to not judge things as right, wrong, good, or bad. In accepting yourself, your situations, and other people without judgment, you are able to master the frequency of that experience. For example, to experience abundance, you must master the experience of poverty or debt by not judging it, and by allowing yourself to observe it and feel it, accepting it as it is, and then allowing it to transform. All the while, you are loving the inner child who is afraid or feeling shame or guilt about the experience. Surrendering to love in any situation, heals it. This is the Universal Law of Magnetism. Embracing the opposite, makes you whole. Since you are all part of One energy field, what one heals on the individual level also positively contributes to the collective.

This is the first lifetime that you have had the consciousness to be able to apply spiritual alchemy to your core wounds, limiting beliefs, and trapped emotions to heal your soul and Spirit. This release of discordant energy opens up space for new experiences and opportunities and potentials. This is what the New Age is about – you recognizing your divine nature and tapping into your intuition and Universal Mind to create the New Earth around the heart-centered consciousness of Unconditional Love, Oneness, Unity, Equality, Respect for All Living Things, and Mother Earth.

The first step toward growth and expansion, is to surrender to what is emerging. You are purging many trapped emotions and core wounds from many lifetimes. If you are feeling anxious and you don’t know why. This is it. With more light coming onto the planet, many uncomfortable feelings, emotions, and wounds are surfacing individually and collectively. You have to feel it to heal it.

All the things that you have repressed and haven’t wanted to see are coming up to the surface, to be processed and transmuted. On the other side of discomfort and chaos, is new creation and opportunity.

The time for pushing against and struggling is coming to an end. Surrendering is about connecting to the Universal field of Love (the river of life) and allowing it to guide you. Letting your intuition guide you to where you are most needed. Your purpose or contribution is always connected to your highest joy, passion, and inspiration. Surrendering is also about recognizing the Divine timing of all things and being grateful for how things unfold naturally, synchronistically, and magically beyond your wildest imagination.

Relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. This requires trust and faith that things always work out for you.

We love you beyond measure. We are a heart-based thought or question away. We, the Council of Light, are here to light your way through the awakening. Until next time, peace and Blessings. Namaste.


Note from Sandra about the Photo: I am fascinated by the orbs (Angels and Spirit Beings) that are showing up in my photos recently. I don't see the orbs when I am taking the photo. They just appear on the photo image after. This image above is a particularly stunning rainbow colored light display on my front porch. Can you see what looks like a statue or image at the top - I believe this to be St. Germain because of the purple or violet light around the image. I think the Angels and Spirit Guides are showing off with the orbs and especially this photo to say "yes, we really are here with you."

Authors Diana Cooper and Kathy Croswell came out with an oracle deck on Orbs. They say that why orbs are appearing is because the "spiritual hierarchy is accelerating the spiritual evolution of Earth and everyone on it and the Orbs are a significant part of this. The appearance of spirit orbs arouses people's interest and causes them to question. It is a potent way of giving proof of a spiritual world. Moreover, every time you see an orb the Angels have a chance to touch you while you are alert, curious, and open to possibilities... Each time you look at a picture, you will receive at some level, a spiritual download."


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