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Worthiness - Council of Light Message

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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Hello Beloved. We’re here. The Council of Light. Today’s topic is Worthiness.


The program that you have been operating in 3D mass consciousness is based on fear, separation, and a sense of unworthiness. You have been trained to follow instruction and rules set out by your family, education system, religion and society. Many religions teach you that you are unworthy and tell you that you must follow their beliefs, doctrine, and dogma in order to connect with Source or go to heaven. In reality, you don’t need a middleman, organization, authority or guru to connect with the Spirit/Source/God that is within you and in  all that is.


This idea of unworthiness is instilled in you by outside authorities, sources and your family to control you. It is only an idea and ideas can be changed. This is what the mass spiritual awakening is all about -releasing ideas and programming based in fear and limiting beliefs so you can discover and embody your true authentic Self. This magnificent, multi-dimensional light being that you are is made in the image and likeness of God/Source/Creator/Spirit.


As an aspect of Source energy, you are have unlimited potential as powerful heart-centered and loving co-creators with the Universe when you raise your awareness, your consciousness beyond the beliefs of the mainstream Matrix of ego-consciousness which believes in fear and separation.


Another challenge on the journey between ego-consciousness to heart-based consciousness, is on the inside. It is your ego. The ego doesn’t want to let go of control. Your ego will tell you that you are not worthy to channel messages from your Higher Self, Source, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors or Guides. The ego doesn’t want to lose control to your heart-centered and God-given intuitive abilities which are meant to guide you through life. 


Once you move beyond this hurdle and begin channeling messages from Divine loving sources from the Spirit realm, your ego has another trick it plays. It tells you that you are superior to others who are not able to do this. When this happens, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides pull back until you become heart-centered again and remember that you are equal to all others in the eyes of Oneness/God/Source regardless of how advanced you are on the spiritual path. You are all channeling. You are either channeling ego-based thoughts and ideas or heart-based loving and empowering Divine wisdom.


Another way the ego can trip you up is by causing you to form attachment to the Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides that you channel. When this happens, they have to pull back again until you release the attachment to them. You have to remember that you are equal to the Ascended Masters and a sovereign being in your own right. Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides are there to teach, assist and guide you, but each of you has free will and must exercise your own choices based on what you want to create, experience and learn during this lifetime. You must stand in your own power and greatness to connect to spirit guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and other Higher Dimensional light beings.


The more you can create a space of stillness and go within and connect to your heart, soul and Spirit, the more worthy you feel. As you do this, the veil of forgetfulness thins and you gain new awareness and raise your consciousness. You must also work with your inner child and give that love, respect, appreciation, and sense of worthiness to your inner child that has been missing. You are learning to reparent yourself, reprogram yourself, to remind yourself of your greatness, and honor your uniqueness as being valuable to the whole -no matter what you were told in childhood or by others in this life.


Another hurdle to master on your way to realizing your worthiness is learning to go inward for validation to validate yourself instead of seeking external validation. This is a new way of operating.


This is the lifetime to go within and to heal the emotional wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes to become integrated and whole again. A key aspect of worthiness is self-love and acceptance. And that means acceptance of all of the emotions that are surfacing now to be healed and transmuted back to love -even the emotions you have been taught to suppress or repress. All of your emotions have important information for you and are part of your guidance system. You now want to give love and compassion to the inner child who is feeling hurt, sad, angry, frustrated, betrayed, rejected, abandoned and alone. You are telling her/him, “We don’t need approval from that person or family member to be who we are meant to be in this life.” As you are building that relationship with your inner child, you are bringing that inner child up to the year 2023 (present year) so she/he is not continuing to relive the pain from the past. The inner child is the younger aspect of you that experiences wonder, awe, innocence, and joy. The inner child has the key to you experiencing joy.


As you claim your own worthiness, you help others to do the same. When you shine your light in your unique way, it encourages others to do the same and is the best way to help raise your consciousness and that of the collective. We are all connected.


We, the Council of Light, are here cheering you on, you warriors of light, as you make your way back home to your Higher Self and your oneness with all that is.


So schedule time to go within regularly, and focus on your heart center, drop out of the mind, let your thoughts settle, breathe in and out of your heart, find your inner sanctuary there where everything you need exists and you can connect with us, and your angels and guides for Divine Love, Light, guidance, wisdom, healing energy, joy, peace, bliss, inspiration, intuitive insights, etc. We’ll meet you on the inside. Until next time -Namaste.


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